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Plaid and knit are in this winter season

Plaid and knit are in this winter season

It is winter, but the trends aren’t sleeping. In the upcoming cold months the trends are checkered patterns and knitted fabrics that will make you forget the freezing temperatures. And one thing is sure – Plaid and knit are in this winter season.

Plaid and knit are in this winter seasonOne of the most striking trends that awaits you this winter is knit. Get ready to get confused by the huge variety of warm woolen sweaters and jackets, long or short knit skirts and dresses.

Designers made all kinds of variations of winter knitted fabric, even shorts and socks that can be combined with light airy fabrics. The plaid is also experiencing another trend.

This winter the traditional squares and not so traditional Scottish patterns will be fashionable. If you are wondering what color you should choose, be assured that you can choose every kind of color that you like. But the most featured colors are black, gray, chocolate, violet or cherry. As for accessories, knitted or plaid bags and scarves will add more color and texture to your wardrobe.

As for prints and patterns, the top place among winter prints and patterns are snowflakes and stripes. The most important winter accessory are hats, which are an excellent addition to every winter outfit. You can choose all kind of fall and winter hats – hats with fake fur, knitted hats or hats with ear flaps.

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