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Home hair removal methods – 4 Ways to remove body hair

Home hair removal methods - 4 Ways to remove body hair

There are many hair removal methods that you can do at home but it’s especially important to find the right one for you that’s suitable to your skin type. Experimentation with new types of home hair removal methods is appropriate while you’re at home for the weekend. For example, If you’ve never used a wax or epilator, you should try it but be prepared for it because it’s quite normal for your skin to react strongly to them at first, and also some pimples or redness to occur.

Choosing the right home hair removal method is crucial for you and your skin, so you have to know the positive and negative sides of all home hair removal methods. These are the home hair removal methods that you can do easily at home:

Home hair removal methods - 4 Ways to remove body hair

Home hair removal method – Shaving

Shaving is the fastest and easiest way to remove body hair at home. It is advisable to use a special shaving cream, so you won’t irritate the skin.

Advantages: It’s fast, easy and cheap.
Disadvantages: New hair grows very quickly and usually it’s hard and sharp. There is a risk of cuts, which can lead to infection, especially if you haven’t used shaving foam and you haven’t shaved when your skin is clean. On the more sensitive areas, the hair may begin to grow inwards and there can be appearance of ugly and annoying pimples that are very difficult and slow to heal. Replace the blades after three or four uses and don’t be tempted to use someone else’s razor.

Home hair removal method – Hair removing cream

Hair removing cream usually contains chemicals that ‘dissolve’ the hair so you can easily remove it with a plastic spatula usually included in the kit.

Advantages: It’s fast and painless.
Disadvantages: The hair grows quickly almost like normal shaving, only the hair isn’t that sharp and thick. The chemicals may lead to irritation and skin rash and sometimes allergies. Also the smell when the cream is ‘dissolving’ the hair isn’t very pleasant.

Home hair removal method – Waxing

This home hair removal method remains the most effective, affordable and popular. In this home hair removal method the hair is removed with its root. Waxing can be hot and cold – Hot waxing usually includes a small pot filled with wax which has to be melted and then applied with a spatula, while the method of cold waxing includes strips that already have wax on them and all you have to do is to warm them slightly between your palms before use. When you wax your body at home, be careful not to heat the wax too much so you won’t burn your skin.

Advantages: Warm wax expands the pores, which makes the hair removal from the roots easy. The effect of waxing is two to three weeks and the hair grows slowly and becomes thinner and softer.
Disadvantages: Waxing isn’t recommended for irritated or too sensitive skin, inflammation and allergies. The procedure is painful and it’s isn’t recommended to do it while you have your period because the pain can be even stronger. Women with varicose veins should avoid this home hair removal method.

Home hair removal method – Electric epilator

Home hair removal with an electric epilator is a mechanical method for removing the unwanted hair and the hair is extracted with its root. The metal disks on the epilator are moving with a great speed, they grab the hair and remove it along with their follicles. It’s like plucking the hair with couple of tweezers only faster and more efficient.

Advantages: The method is equally effective as waxing, you can do it at home but it isn’t messy at all and takes less time. Also it’s more effective than waxing because the epilator grabs and plucks even the smallest hair.
Disadvantages: Removing the hair is pretty painful, especially in the earlier procedures and it’s more painful if the hair is long. However with regular use, the pain gets almost non-existent. Like waxing, the skin may get irritated and bumpy, but it usually goes away after 1-2 days.

So there are the most popular home hair removal methods. Which one is your favorite?

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