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Pheromones – what are they?

Our ancestors, to get the attention of the person they liked, have used the natural scent of their skin.

What are the pheromones – biologically active substance which is produced by endocrine glands or specific animal cells. When an organism starts to spread them, they influence on the behavior of another organism. It is believed that pheromones are perceived by receptors located in the end of the nose, with a diameter of 1 mm. Heads receptors are directly linked to the brain, which transmit information about the amount of pheromone in the air.

In the animal world, pheromones are not only used to attract a partner for mating, they also can show fear, anger, and sometimes animals use them as a weapon to chase away the predator.

It is also showed that over time a person loses the ability to produce pheromone.

Any substance, fragrances or chemicals do not act as strongly as pheromones. Scientists claim that pheromones are individual to each person, which questions the effectiveness of all perfumes and aromas, sold commercially with the idea that boost production of pheromones in the body and even contain them.

Pheromone (aphrodisiacs) are helping to identify the people with whom we best match by stimulating their sexual behavior.

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