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Generation conflicts – how to cope with them

If in the morning for no obvious reason you charge yourself with negative energy from your children, do not rush to fall into despair. This is a psychological problem.
Conflict between generations is driven by the child’s desire to be independent and if they have  reached that age when they consider themselves ready to be independent from you.

This situation should not be frightening – it arises not only in humans and its logical explanation is set by nature itself. In many mammals comes a time when the young reaches a certain they become so challenging that they are expelled from the family and stay in solitude for a while. A little later they are again accepted in society.

How can we accept the new behavior of our children and not to suffer from it?

We should try to make sure that our children are really grown, i.e can care for themselves and bear responsibility for their decisions. If we can not do that, psychological disturbances and crises will happen. The first step towards understanding the basic rule is respect – relationships between parents and children to be mature and be based on mutual respect.

We should then proceed to settlement on another important issue – the regulation of financial relationships. Regulated financial funding will allow you to influence in any way and to some extent to the behavior of the opposite side, but remember that as challenging to keep the child with you, you should not deny him of food, clothing and footwear, daily costs associated with obtaining an education.

Positive impact on the children is to make them start earn some money for themselves. This will stop them to think that you’ll provide for them all their lives and that they’ll have  “beautiful and easy life”, and they will start appreciate the earned money.

“Optimization” of our relations should be a constant task. And as for the relationship between two mature individuals, we have to show our children how to set goals for themselves, so that they wont learn what they want and won’t spill their life from one thing to another trying to find their purpose in life.

Primarily often violated rule is raising our voice – the practice shows that if we want to  succeed in understanding our children, we must be very patient.

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