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Homemade steam facial – Face steaming at home

homemade steam facial treatments

Homemade steam facial treatment is a popular natural method for cleansing the pores and blackheads. The steam softens the skin, opens the pores and helps cleaning the accumulated dirt. This warm and relaxing treatment can control acne and blackheads breakout, but it also can increase the blood circulation to give you a warm, healthy and youthful glow. Who can do homemade steam facial ... Read More »

10 Hottest swimsuit fashion trends for summer

10 Hottest swimsuit fashion trends for summer

Every summer, there are many interesting swimsuit trends that can satisfy different tastes and preferences of modern women. Most of these swimwear trends mirror the trends in clothing. So don’t wait anymore, dive into the new trends and choose a modern bathing suit that will make you shine on the beach and it’ll also make you feel sexy and irresistible. Swimsuit fashion ... Read More »

Rules of a summer fling

rules of a summer fling

There is something in the air during the summer months that makes people to flirt and experiment. The weather is hot, the dress code is ‘wear less clothes’ and it is the perfect time for a love adventure. Summer fling is great for people that are single All of you who yearn for fun and romance, and you are not yet ... Read More »

Sunburn: Causes, symptoms and homemade sunburn remedies

Sunburn - causes, symptoms and homemade sunburn remedies

We know how harmful the sun is, especially in summer. It can be hazardous for our skin and health and that’s why we should protect ourselves from it. But when the time for the summer holiday comes, thousands of people forget to protect their skin from the sun, and they often face the problem called sunburn. What causes sunburn Sunburn appears ... Read More »

10 summer eye makeup trends

10 summer eye makeup trends

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, but also an indispensable part of female beauty. They have the power to seduce and conquer, and they are used as a powerful weapon for flirting. The eyes have the ability to speak even in times when you’re quiet. So it’s no wonder that make up artists center around them to build their artworks. Emphasizing the beauty of the eyes using make-up is a daily task of every woman. A few precise applications of eye pencil, mascara and eye shadow can magically transform your face. You can ... Read More »

10 Secrets of happily married couples

10 Secrets of happily married couples

Does your heart melt whenever you see a smiling seniors still walking hand in hand with love and affection in their eyes? Do you want you and your husband to be like them when you turn 60 or 70? Then clearly you need to maintain the happiness and love in your marriage every single day. Here are a 10 secrets of ... Read More »

8 homemade anti dandruff solutions

homemade hair treatments for dandruff

When you have a constant fight against something so annoying and persistent as dandruff, you need to use all the weapons that are available. Some of them are hiding in your kitchen, so there is no reason why not to use them. Here are 8 anti dandruff homemade solutions that you can try and add to your normal anti dandruff routine ... Read More »

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