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How to choose concealer

Sometimes we often need to conceal some imperfection on our face. Whether this will be red spot, acne, scar or dark circles under the eyes, the concealer does the job. Concealing is important to be done in a professional manner, so to not make the problem bigger and visible. Most of the imperfections that we want to conceal have different color. Dark circles ... Read More »

Manicure ideas and nail polish trends

Manicure ideas and nail polish trends

Beautiful, elegant and glamorous French manicure can become a little boring. According to stylists, a good manicured hands should look like this: minimum nail length, and using a nail polish in matte and juicy shades: raspberry, purple, dark purple and blue. Here are some manicure ideas and nail polish trends: This season, experts avoid nail polishes with pearl finish. Ombre manicure is ... Read More »

How to achieve luscious lips

Make up is an art, so it has some secrets. Here is how to achieve a luscious perfect lips which color will stay for a long time: 1. Before you apply the lipstick, nourish your lips with chap stick. It will soften your lips. Then with a lip pencil in the same or close color as your lipstick, outline the contour of ... Read More »

11 beauty tricks

Every women has her own trick about beauty and styling. Some of them are really good and some of them are carzy bur effective. Here are 10 tricks that you might not know: 1. Warm the eye pencil or lip pencil for a better result. You can do it either with your hands or using the hair dryer. The result is more ... Read More »

Choose the best eyeshadow shades for your eye color

Choose the best eyeshadow shades for your eye color

The method of putting makeup on your eyes is constantly changing and it’s becoming an art, but if you know the basic rules you will always be able to create your own make-up art on your eyes. Basic rules for applying eye makeup One common rule is to experiment with darker, bolder makeup during the night, and to keep it fresh, natural and simple ... Read More »

Eyebrow Shaping Tips – How to Shape your Eyebrows

Eyebrow Shaping Tips - How to Shape your Eyebrows

Eyebrows can define your face more than any other facial feature and each smallest change in their shape also changes expression of your face. There aren’t many women who have eyebrows which form is so bad or unsuitable for their face and should be changed completely. Eyebrows usually require a little bit of repair and makeup to look great. A few eyebrow shaping ... Read More »

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