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The ideal age for having a child is 29 years

Women believe that 29 years is the ideal age for giving birth to their first child, a new research says. Most women (59%) believe that, in that age period they have greater financial stability to be able to bear the costs that are needed for the child’s growth and believe that in this period of life they should have long ... Read More »

Pasta is the most popular food in the world

Pasta is declared the most popular food in the world after the publication of a results from a global study by Oxfam.The pasta is more popular than pizza, rice, meat, and not to mention the vegetables, fruits or seafood worldwide.The responses came from more than 16,000 people from different countries of the world, including Australia, USA, Brazil, India, Britain and Spain. The second most favorite food is meat, and a third favorite is rice.Pasta is popular worldwide, but each country has its preferences ... Read More »

Olive oil reduces risk of stroke

The markets are full of fresh vegetables that are an indispensable part of a healthy diet. But to get the maximum benefit from salads instead of the popular ground nut oil, use some extra virgin olive oil. Based on the results of a new research, scientists claim that regular consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of stroke by 41%. They ... Read More »

Women and the bikini fear

Women and the bikini fear

Summer is fast approaching, and certainly we think more of summer vacation and leisure on the beach. But if there is one thing that scares women when it comes to enjoying the sun on the beach, it is how they look in a bikini. According to research, women aren’t so worried that men will consider them sexy or not when they ... Read More »

The best summer diet foods for weight loss

The best summer diet foods for weight loss

When summer is approaching, many people are actively involved in fitness and sticking to a diet so they will be in top shape, ready for the beach. But if you still want to lose a few pounds, you can start in summer too. Summer is the ideal season for choosing a weight loss diet and exercising more. Experts say that people who are on a weight loss diet in summer are losing weight more quickly. One reason for this is ... Read More »

What Exactly Causes Acne – How and Why Acne Happens

What Exactly Causes Acne - How and Why Acne Happens

To get rid of acne, one of the most important things is to find out what exactly causes acne. Some people think that sugary and fatty foods can cause acne, others think that improper face cleaning is to blame. But actually there isn’t one specific thing that causes acne. There can be several reasons that can cause and aggravate your acne ... Read More »

Fruits and vegetables that absorb most pesticides

Which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides

Today, the only way to make sure that the quality of the food that we eat is excellent is to produce the food ourselves. But the modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow it, and the organic produce can sometimes be a bit expensive. So it is better to be informed which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides, so we can make ... Read More »

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