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Beauty product review – Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar

Review of Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar

Like the name suggest, Shimmy Shimmy is a sweet scented, shimmery massage bar from Lush. This little shimmery heart can be bought separately but it is also included in many Lush gifts like Sweetie Pie (which is available all year round), The Sweetest Thing (UK edition only) and Stardust and Snow Fairy gift box (Christmas editions).  You can get this 1 ... Read More »

Tips and homemade treatments for oily skin

Homemade treatments for oily skin

Are you always trying to remove the oily shine from your skin? Does your forehead, nose and cheeks always have that unwanted shine and you’re always struggling to maintain your skin matte? If you answered yes to these questions, you probably face the problem called oily skin. Oily skin is characterized with visible pores and oily glow, and it is ... Read More »

7 timeless makeup looks

timeless makeup looks and trends

Makeup trends are constantly changing and evolving. And really, the fun is to experiment with makeup – with new colors and shapes that are ideal for the season. But if you don’t want to follow the temporary trends, you can always rely on the timeless makeup looks that are here to stay. Here are some timeless makeup trends that are always popular: Timeless ... Read More »

Homemade treatments and cosmetic solutions for large pores

Homemade face masks for large pores

The large visible pores can be pretty obvious and can make anyone feel insecure about their appearance. Unfortunately, permanent reduction in the size of the pores is something that is not easily achievable. Any dermatologist will confirm that it is impossible to permanently reduce the size of the large pores. But they can be reduced temporarily with homemade masks against ... Read More »

5 simple homemade treatments for shiny and soft hair

Homemade hair masks and treatments

Even the best hairstyle can look really bad if you have lifeless looking hair. On the other hand, a just washed shiny and soft hair that falls free on your shoulders can look attractive and luxurious like you just got out of expensive hairdressing salon. If you want your hair to shine you should not neglect the basic hair care. ... Read More »

11 of the Best Winter Accessories – Winter Accessory Trends

11 of the Best Winter Accessories - Winter Accessory Trends

Winter is the time of the year when you can experiment with lots of winter accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. But whatever you choose, it should be sophisticated and cozy, and you should do it with lots of imagination and with daring approach to everything new. Look at the winter fashion accessories like pieces that can finish your look, but ... Read More »

7 New Fall Haircuts to Try – Biggest Hair Trends for Fall

7 New Fall Haircuts to Try - Biggest Hair Trends for Fall

The fall season brings sophisticated, but at the same time fun and interesting hairstyles, that combine elegance and femininity with casual and effortless. With these fall hairstyles you can express yourself and you can wear them daily and on different occasions. You don’t have to do anything complex to your hair to look nice, you only need to use your creativity and a few hair accessories. Here ... Read More »

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