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20 interesting facts about love

20 interesting facts about love

Did you know that the urge to fall in love is a biological drive, just like hunger and thirst? Or when someone is newly in love, he brain suppresses any kind of social judgement? Here are 20 interesting facts about love: Interesting love fact #1: The most popular song for the groom and bride’s first dance is ‘Everything I do’ ... Read More »

How to know when he’s lying

We women sometimes exaggerate with our jealousy but sometimes we have the right to be paranoid. It is logical to ask: When can we doubt the faithfulness of our partner?  To help you to answer this question, below are given a few signs by which you can know whether he lies or everything is the product of your imagination. He doesn’t ... Read More »

Sexual excitement – men vs women

Sexual excitement - men vs women

Sexual excitement usually occurs before the intercourse as a result of physical and mental stimulation. It causes physiological changes that in some people are more emphasized, and in others – not so much. Sexual excitement is far more complicated for women than men. It’s no secret that men can get excited pretty easily, so that why people say that the ... Read More »

10 things men might not know about women

Women do not hate football They hate that even if they are naked, when you watch a match, you won’t pay them attention. Women also tell vulgar jokes But be careful, because they are able to joke seriously at you. For one thing lie easily For their age or the size of their bra. You think about careers, money, investments ... Read More »

5 sex myths about men

Myth 1: Men are always ready for sex. The truth: Not true. Of course, women are vulnerable, but men are not indifferent to the stress and tiredness. It affects their libido. So next time when he is not willing for sex – don’t panic. That’s not necessarily a problem. Myth 2: Men never fake orgasm. The truth: Not only the women are actors in ... Read More »

7 reasons why men don’t call women back

7 reasons why men don't call women back

You met the right boy, you laughed together, you had fun and you really had a great time together. He have asked your phone number and you went home. Now you only have to wait for your phone to ring. You check your phone every ten minutes and you wait, but he’s not calling or texting you back. In these situations you ... Read More »

7 reasons why you should have sex

It will protect his heart. Men who have sex three or more times per week, reduce up to 50% the risk of heart attack. It reduces pain. Experience of orgasm stimulates production of endorphins. Growing presence of endorphins in the body, reduces the pain from arthritis and menstrual pain. Reduces stress. If you are stressed out and pissed off, rather than ... Read More »

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