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10 Ways to Be Happier at Work

10 Ways to Be Happier at Work

For some people the thought of their job and workplace cause them stress and a bad mood. They immediately think of the millions of unfinished assignments, poor work environment or bad colleagues. But it shouldn’t be this way. You must be wondering how some people manage to always be optimistic, motivated and happy at work? Here are some tips on how you can ... Read More »

Always be on time

Whether you have a job interview, it is your first working day or it’s Saturday and go out with friends, you should always show up on time at the right place. Coming late not only leaves a very bad impression, but also annoys the ones who wait for you. To arrive always on time, you need to know how to manage your ... Read More »

Everything you need to know about a job interview

Everything you need to know about job interview

What is the idea of a job interview? The idea of the job interview is to find yourself face to face with a potential employer. He will deliver a series of questions and will give you the opportunity to give the answers to these questions and ultimately, leave you space for you to ask questions. What is expected of you? On ... Read More »

How to cope with bad boss

We all dream to have a good boss, that will motivate us, we will help and inspire us. But we don’t get it. If you came across a bad boss, before you open a war it is necessary to understand the reason for his bad behavior. Why your boss is bad? Some bosses are bad by nature, even in his private life. Very ... Read More »

How are the women better than men

They become more beautiful with evolution This has been proved. Women do become more beautiful, while men remained the same. 2000 families were examined and their descendants and it is shown that the daughters of each generation are – more beautiful than the previous. Survive in more car accidents It’s sad but true: men are 77 percent more likely to die in ... Read More »

7 Ways to make a great first impression at a job interview

7 Ways to make a great first impression at a job interview

People say that we shouldn’t evaluate people by their appearance. But like it or not, we people tend to do the exact opposite. And because of this, on your job interview you’ll have to leave a good first impression because it’s the most important thing. To leave a great first impression at a job interview as a professional person, follow these basic rules: ... Read More »

How to make it on the first day of work

You had an excellent documents for applying, you did great at the interview and you got a dream job. But this is not the end. The next step in your career and maybe is not so simple as you thought. Now you must prove yourself so that your employer will know that he made the right choice when he chose you. Most employers are testing ... Read More »

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