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Summer nail trends: Must have nail polishes for summer

Summer nail trends - Must have nail polishes for summer

It’s summer, and summer is the right time for you to experiment and have fun with nail polishes. You probably already have many ideas for a fun summer manicure, that will make nails to stand out. But before you start to do your manicure at home, here are the latest summer nail trends and must have nail polishes for summer:

Summer nail trends - Must have nail polishes for summer

Summer nail trends – Sugary sweetness

Summer is the right time for you to try out nail polishes with candy colors like pink bubble gum, candy lemony yellow, bright toffee and light caramel and all the candy color that remind you of a time when you  were little and peeked into the sweets shops. Be inspired by the red candies that smell like cinnamon, fruity jelly beans and sparkly and colorful sugary treats from your childhood. Let your nail length be short or medium with squared or oval shape. For extra cuteness, you can also try sugar textured nail polish. If you choose this kind of manicure you’ll look feminine and irresistibly cute.

Summer nail trends – Sandy beach

Matte nail polish and interesting textures take over this summer season. Current summer nail trends are nails with almond shape (medium length), that look elegant and sophisticated. Choose matte sandy colors like beige, very light brown, cappuccino color etc. The nicely shaped nails along with the velvet matte nail polish in light sandy colors, will create the perfect look that’s suitable for every outfit and occasion. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try sand textured nail polish.

Summer nail trends – Made of steel

Industrial and urban textures are a big summer nail trend. Choose nail polishes in color of granite, steel and concrete, or for more shimmering look, choose bronze, copper, silver and rose gold. Your nails should be medium long and almond-shaped. Take inspiration from lightning, shining armor in the darkness, metal gates in the pouring rain and old rusty key in a lock. The urban, city ideas are endless.

Summer nail trends – Chrome nails

Any shade of chrome is a great summer nail trend this season. You only have to choose if you want shiny silver chrome nails or shiny gold chrome. The chromed look looks great on both short or long nails, and it’ll give you a futuristic look. To achieve this look you will probably need couple of coats of chrome colored nail polish, but for the best results, you can buy the metallic nail foils.

Summer nail trends – Purple only

Purple is still going strong this summer. Clothes, shoes, all kinds of accessories and of course, beautiful nails will be an absolute hit if you paint them purple. Fashion designers recently confirmed that purple and especially darker shades of purple are extremely popular. Also, this color can be combined with interesting designs or decorative rhinestones for great sparkly effect.

Summer nail trends – Teenage dream

Most young girls always like bright and pastel colors. Think like them. Any shades of orange, red, pink and yellow are among the favorites of teenage girls, and not only them, they are favorites to almost all women. Even more mature women choose these colors because they add fun and youthfulness to their appearance.

Summer nail trends – Eccentric nail polish

Iridescent colors, wide variety of sparkly stones and custom designs are a summer nail trend that’s more typical if you want a more eccentric manicure. Ladies who prefer futuristic nails may choose sparkly stones or pieces made in various shapes: hearts, flowers, chains or more eccentric shapes, or some designs that are completely your own idea. Holographic nail polish will also look really interesting.

Summer nail trends – Red nails

Red nail polish and all its possible shades – from bright red to burgundy are always appropriate if you want to look classic, charming and sensual. The universal red color will be great for more formal events and goes great with a little black dress. Red nails look great by themselves, but you can also choose an accent finger and do a little decoration with sparkly rhinestones or some design.

Summer nail trends – Nail lenght and nail shape

Forget the extra long nails, they aren’t that interesting in summer. The most appropriate nail length and nail shape for the summer season is the rounded square nails or almond shaped nails depending on your preference. The length of your nails should be short or medium long.

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