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Signs you are finally over your ex

Signs you are finally over your ex

You’ve been dating for a while but things didn’t worked out the way you both planned to and you’ve broken up. After many tears, sleepless nights thinking about him and conversations with your closest friends, you thought that you’ll never get over him. But one day, you’ve opened your eyes in the morning and you’ve realized that you’re finally over him. But are you finally over your ex and you think that he is no longer in your heart? Can you think about him without pain and sadness and go on with your life? These are the signs you are finally over your ex:

Signs you are finally over your ex

You no longer listen to sad music and you don’t eat sweets to feel better

This might sound like a cliche, but it’s true, we women listen to sad songs about a lost love and eat a lot of sweet things to feel better, especially if the relationship has ended recently. Listening to a song that has sad music and lyrics is just a way for you remember what you had and what you’ve both lost. When you no longer listen to sad songs and remember how sad and painful your breakup was and you don’t eat a bucket of chocolate ice cream to feel better, then it seems that you are finally over your ex.

You no longer go to places where he’s at

This is a thing that almost any girl do after a breakup – going to places where he and his friends usually hang out. The first few weeks after the breakup are especially hard and that’s why you’re constantly thinking about how would it fell when you run into him and you actually want to see if the breakup is hard for him like it is for you. If you’re no longer going to places just to see him, then it’s a sign you are finally over your ex.

You don’t mention him in every conversation with your ​​friends

Yes, you’ve probably had some great time together and you’ve shared a tons of beautiful memories, but after a while you shouldn’t mention him in every conversation with your friends and associate every little thing with him. If you’re no longer mentioning his name in every conversation and you rarely go back to the memories that you two had, then you’re probably over him.

You don’t talk to his friends just to find out how he’s doing

If you’ve had a long relationship, and you’ve been together for a couple of years, you’ve probably become friends with some of his friends. If you see some of his friends. don’t ask them for details about how he’s doing, does he have a new girlfriend etc. Keep in mind that after the breakup, his friends will probably stay closer to him than to you. If you don’t talk to his friends just to find out how he’s doing without you, then you are really over your ex.

You don’t keep the sweet messages that he sent you on your phone

Love messages are a part of every relationship and you probably have tons of sweet messages from him on your phone. But if one day you decide that they don’t mean much to you anymore, you delete them and you forget about them, then it’s a sign that you are finally over your ex.

You’re attracted to new guy, you have fun and don’t think of him

It’s always scary to start a new relationship especially if you had a rough breakup, but if you’re attracted to a new guy, you think that he’s sweet and starting a relationship with him is really worth a try, then you are finally over your ex. Also, going out with your new crush and having a great time is another good sign that you’re over your ex.

You don’t try to make him jealous, when he’s near

It’s great to go on with your life and to go on a date with a new guy, but flirting with guys when he’s near and trying to make him jealous is a wrong thing to do. Making him jealous won’t do you any good, if you still have feelings for your ex you should talk to him and try to sort things out and give your relationship another shot, if that’s not possible then you should move on and find a good guy that will treat you right.

When you find out that he’s already with someone else, you don’t panic

Finding out that he’s with another girl is never a pleasant thing to hear, even after quite some time. Somehow knowing that’s he’s with someone else can crush all the hope that you two can get back together. But if you find out that he has another girlfriend and it doesn’t bother you, then it’s a sign that you are finally over your ex.

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