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How to choose the perfect carry-on bag for travelling

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag for travelling

Fashion doesn’t always have to be perceived as a dressing style or the way you look in a public. It is a lifestyle that you create for yourself. Even the accessories play an important role in your outfit. Especially if you travel frequently, you know that one of the most important things to wear is a modern and comfortable carry-on bag.

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag for travelling depends on the type of trip that you take. If you’re going to a place with a beach you surely won’t wear a winter bag, or if you’re going to ski and wearing a beach bag, you’ll surely look strange to the people around you.

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag for travelling

Lets briefly discuss the key points on how to choose the perfect carry-on bag for travelling:

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag for travellingHow to choose the perfect carry-on bag – Color

Instead of choosing normal or basic colors like black and burgundy, choose a bright color that will set you apart. Green, pink or even multi-colored bags are great for summer. For fall and winter you can choose burgundy, mustard, taupe or color block bag in neutral colors. Or you can always choose nude bag, it’s great for any time of the year and goes great with almost every outfit.

How to choose the perfect travel bag – Size matters

It would be inconvenient to carry a heavy bag if you planning a long holiday. Choose one that’s fairly large, but it is very spacious inside (it should have at least few pockets). This will allow you to carry everything in it instead of walking with four small bags and clutches.

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag – Suitcases with wheels

They are best when you have to carry a lot of stuff and you have to walk for a while. They’re also great if you have to make few stops or walking between airport terminals. If your luggage will travel separately from you, choose a bag with nice closing zip that zips tightly and take a small bag with you for the small items like passport, ID, pen, tissues etc.

A few more tips about the travel bag type, that you can select for different trips:

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag – Adventure trip

Most holidays of this type are walking around from morning till night. Therefore, being comfortable is more important than to be dressed by the latest catwalk trends. Heavy and big bags won’t work. Instead, choose a solid waterproof backpack with a good lining that protects everything from moisture and it should be strong enough. These bags must have a belt so you can secure them to your waist, and also extremely strong shoulder straps. When you choose a backpack make sure that you have at least a few easily accessible pockets for key things like water bottle, insect repellent and other accessories that you’ll need.

How to choose the perfect traveling bag – Traveling abroad

Traveling abroad almost always involves walking through airports, so it would be wise to choose a hard suitcase with wheels and a strong outer shell. In this case the price isn’t that important, the most important thing is the quality and strength, because we’ve all witnessed broken suitcase, broken wheel or a broken handle when travelling with airplane. To avoid paying for carriers, choose a bag or suitcase with long and sturdy handle and wheels. Even if you have less things to carry around in your suitcase – you’ll have more luggage space for shopping and souvenirs.

How to choose the perfect carry-on bag – Beach holiday

If your only goal is to stay on the beach all day, there is no need to take extremely large suitcase with you. Because let’s face it, everything you’ll need for the beach is a bathing suit, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and a few accessories and clothes, and those 5 pairs of high heels and 10 dresses you’ll probably never wear. You’ll probably need only 1-2 pairs of high heels and 2-3 dresses for a night out or special occasion. And don’t forget that you can always go shopping and buy something new. Also make sure that you choose a large beach bag that reflects your style, and highlights your femininity while making it easier for you to carry all your beach necessities. Cotton beach bags o straw beach bags with prints and bright colors are very popular, but choose one with strong handles that will help you carry it without discomfort.

How to choose the perfect traveling bag – Hand luggage bag

Let’s say that you want to visit your relatives who live in another city. Instead of checking a whole suitcase at the airport, you can wear a larger handbag to help you save time and money from check-in and luggage delivery. There are plenty of oversize bags in stores. If you want to carry your laptop with you, choose a bag that has a special section where you can place it and secure it. There are many options of oversize hand bags, there are also some with long handles and small rotating wheels that can be transformed into small suitcase with wheels.

how to choose the perfect carry-on bag – Short breaks

Don’t carry a large suitcase for a short break (such as trip for the weekend). Duffle bags or just large hand bags are best option for this type of vacation, and in them you can carry clothes, toiletries and other necessary things for 2-3 days.

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