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How to make your boobs look bigger

How to make your boobs look bigger

The size of the breasts is a very sensitive topic for many women. Women with small breasts are particularly preoccupied with this problem and it makes them to lose their self confidence.

If you have low self-esteem because your breasts are small, learn how to make your boobs look bigger visually with simple but effective tricks.

How to make your boobs look bigger

How to make your boobs look bigger using your clothes

Make your boobs look bigger with suitable bra

Every woman knows how important finding a perfect bra is. However, very often women buy a bra just because how it looks, not because it looks good on them. If you notice that your bra straps constantly fall from your shoulder, the bra is too tight or you have red lines after you take off your bra, it means that it is time to buy a new underwear. Wearing the perfect bra can make your boobs look amazing, but wearing a bra that doesn’t fit will make you feel incredibly uncomfortable. In addition to finding a bra that fits you perfectly, try also these things to make your boobs look bigger:

  • Buy bras with ‘push-up’ effect, that will lift your breasts.
  • Use silicone or sponge pads to add more volume. But don’t overdo it, because you can look too artificial.
  • Cross the bra straps on your back. Attach the right hook on the left back loop, and left to right. That way you will lift the breasts and they will look bigger.

Make your boobs look bigger with tops and blouses

Choose closed or asymmetrical neckline. This type of neckline will help your shoulders look more defined and your boobs bigger.
Avoid deep V neck tops. Deep V neck tops will highlight your breastbone and attract attention to your breasts. Never choose blouses with plunging V neckline and ¾ length sleeves.
Shirts with small pockets on the chest. Chest pockets will help your boobs look bigger.
Choose bright clothing. To make your boobs look bigger, you should wear blouses and shirts in bright colors. If your chest area looks small, but you have nice curves at your hips, then wear dark pants and bright tops. If you want to be wear the same color of pants and top, let’s say purple, then wear pants in a dark purple color, and let your top be in bright blue or light purple. That way you’ll make your upper body look larger and you will reach equilibrium. If you prefer dark colors, choose clothes which have a bright details in the chest area. For example: choose a black blouse that has a horizontal red stripes or pockets with studs on the chest.
Ruffles. Blouses or dresses with ruffles in the chest area will make your boobs look bigger.
Small details and horizontal stripes. Forget the big details, choose clothes with small or medium-sized details. Large patterns will make your boobs to get lost in them. Horizontal stripes are a great way to make your boobs look bigger. Combine tops with bright thin horizontal stripes and dark skirts.
Avoid overly wide and too tight clothing. Wide tops will make your breasts even smaller and that is exactly what you want to avoid. But don’t wear too tight clothing either, because it will highlight the shape of your breasts. Find clothes that are comfortable and fit you perfectly.
Thick knitted tops and blouses with high collars. Thick knitted sweaters with a wide patterns will give the breasts some volume, and the high collar will make your boobs look bigger.
Naked back and sleeveless clothing. Dresses and shirts with naked back will take away the attention from the front of your body and make you look very sexy. Women who have small breasts usually have thin arms, so it is best to highlight your beautiful arms whenever you can by wearing sleeveless tops. Halter tops are a great choice if you have small breasts. They show off the shoulders, and visually enhance and emphasize the breasts.

How to make your boobs look bigger using makeup

Hollywood is a place where with the makeup does wonders. Professional makeup artists can completely change the look of the stars, that’s why they are often criticized by people when they are seen or photographed without makeup.

One of the secrets of Hollywood is breast enlargement with the help of makeup. Of course, this technique is now rarely used because the silicon breasts are doing the work.

It is much easier to make your boobs look bigger visually when your chest area is covered, but if you have to wear formal dress with a revealing neckline, things are a bit more complicated. But there’s a solution – simply use this Hollywood trick:

You’ll need a mineral powder in a brighter shade than your skin tone or a highlighter, bronzer, two blush brushes, and also some primer if you want your makeup to stay longer on your skin. If you can find a matte hair spray, you can seal your makeup with it too.
Put a push-up bra on and put on your dress. To protect your clothes, place some paper towels on the edges of your dress.
Apply the bronzer in one vertical line between your breasts. Start from below, and move the brush upwards. Do this several times to apply enough bronzer.
Then on top of your breasts where the line ends, start to bring the line outward, forming the letter V and follow the curves of your breasts. Blend the harsh lines with your brush. You should get something like the letter V with a heart shaped ends.
Then take the lighter powder or highlighter and apply this on your upper breast area and breastbone. Blend it up well with the brush.
Look yourself in the mirror and make sure that your both breasts are equal. You will be amazed by the effect!

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