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Diet for brides

Your day that you will be queen is approaching – your wedding. And on that day do you all glowed with beauty. We offer small, fast tips for brides beauty, with which you will not only become more beautiful, but you will feel much better and you will have better mood and confidence.

To have beautiful skin, you must have enough energy to make changes in your daily life so that the change will be seen after at least 1 week. So you will feel fresh for your day.

Start eating healthy for your skin to shine:
Eat raw foods, vegetables and fruits. In large amounts, they will help your skin texture and will eliminate the toxins in the your body.

Drink lots of water, it hydrates the skin and clears the toxins.

Limit the salt to a minimum. The salt makes your body to retain fluids and it is decreasing the clearance of the toxins and will make you look puffy. And that leads to the appearance of cellulite.

Avoid nuts, especially peanuts, because they contain too much fat and the occurrence of acne is inevitable.

Eat seafood. They contain irreplaceable omega 3 – fatty fats that are good for your skin and health.

Limit the milk because it can cause some acne.

Avoid carbonated drinks and everything sparkling.

Take a multivitamins.

Take omega 3 – fatty acids supplements. They will  keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Eliminate the sugar, because it is not included in the healthy foods. But if you want to eat something sweet you can eat one teaspoon honey.

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