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The body language of men

This is interesting and important for all who wish to know whether to give the heart to a man or give up before it is too late. Translation of the signs of his body always helps to determine whether he is interested in you. Thus, without many words, we’ll leave you to solve your dilemma.

Open mouth. Men instinctively inhale with open mouth, when they are in the presence of women they like.
Spread nostrils. If you were unable to see the previous sign, this you will definitely notice. Widespread nostrils and deep breathing are a sign that he likes you.
Raised eyebrow. It is a sure sign that you attract him. Raising eyebrows make eyes larger, full of light and attractive. In this way he instinctively tries for you to like him. If you find yourself in a situation to talk to a man with “sleepy” look – do not waste your time. It is best to leave because he thinks you’re annoying.
Attract attention. If he likes you, he would do anything for you to not stop looking at him. Whether this will be fixing his tie or various comic stories, it depends on his character.
“Fixing” hair. Any attempt by men to set their hairdo is so that he can be attractive to you.
Gazing eyes. If he always gazes you in the eyes, he wants to show you that all his attention is payed to you. If he “measure” you from head to toe, then he sends you a message that he wants you.
Playing with glass. When he transfer the glass from one to another hand, he wants to show you that he is sexually interested in you.
Approach to you. If he’s sitting on the edge of his chair, closer to you, and he leans frequently to you that’s because he likes you.

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