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6 homemade medical solutions

There are little medical wonders that are found in every home. You just need to learn which one to use and for what purpose you should use them.


With chamomile tea can help yourself if you have an inflammation of the eyes. Allow the tea to cool down and wash your eyes with it.


Sun burns can be eased and even cured with yogurt. All you have to do is to spread a thick layer of yogurt on your skin.

Ice cubes:

Rub your tongue with an ice cube before you drink some medicine with bad taste. The ice will numb the taste sensors for a while and you will not feel too much of the taste.


If you feel dizzy, cut a piece of onion and deeply inhale its scent. Although it has kind of unpleasant smell, it will help to clear your head.

Tennis balls:

While watching TV, roll two tennis balls with your feet. The tennis balls will give a great massage to your painful feet.

Herbs and spices:

The best natural remedy against bad breath is hiding in your kitchen. Chew parsley or mint and the bad breath will be gone.