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Top 7 summer shoe trends you must try

Top 7 summer shoe trends you must try

Are you wondering what kind of shoes you need to purchase this summer in order to refresh your shoe collection or what kind of shoes are trendy for summer? Here are the most current shoe trends that are really ‘hot’ for the summer season:

Top 7 summer shoe trends you must try

Top 7 summer shoe trends you must try

Summer shoe trends – Strappy heeled sandals

Leave a strong impression with a high heel sandals that have very thin straps. The more colorful they are, the better. But it’s completely fine if you choose monochrome or metallic strappy heeled sandals too. If you find the thin straps too boring, find sandals with thick straps or straps made from other materials like satin or suede. You can choose high heel sandals with as many or as few straps as you like. Also, if you choose the ‘barely there’ high heel sandals, you should know that they go with virtually any outfit especially if you get them in nude or black color.

Summer shoe trends – Wedges

Once summer comes, you know that it’s its time to put on your wedge sandals. Whether the platform is wooden or in a solid color, or it’s in some crazy shape, these shoes won’t make your feet hurt too much and you can proudly show off your legs because they will also make them visually longer.

Summer shoe trends – Block heel sandals 

Thin feminine heels always look elegant and chic, but you don’t have to choose thin heels. This summer choose high heel sandals with block heel. Fashion designers have decided to play with the thickness and form of the heel, so there’s a lot of options for you to choose of. So go ahead and choose block heel sandals this summer.

Summer shoe trends – Low heel sandals

Low heel sandals have managed to become a shoe trend in summer. Ladies, if you hate wearing high heels everyday, now you can freely step into these shoes with heels no higher than 2 inches. And don’t be fooled, they come in any color, heel type and all kinds of details so you’ll definitely find a pair that’s perfect for you.

Summer shoe trends – Flat sandals

Every woman needs a break from wearing high heels. The good news is that during the summer days, the practical flat sandals will allow you to relax your feet, and in the same time you’ll look modern and trendy. Gladiators are still the preferred type of flat sandals, also the flat sandals with a ‘T’ Bar strap, sandals with straps which you can tie in a bow and sandals with floral, animal and geometric print. But also don’t forget the flat sandals that are elegant and minimalistic.
Flat sandals are must-have this summer season, especially if you need footwear to complement your summer maxi dress.

Summer shoe trends – Ballet flats

Although in the past ballet flats were considered boring and have never been associated with the word ‘sexy’, in the past few years fashion designers have proven that ballet flats can be as elegant and chic as high heels.
They are the most comfortable choice for every woman, regardless of her age, and they’re the most comfortable thing to wear in those chilly summer nights. Monochromatic, with lines or color patterns, with details in the form of a flower, bow or shiny rhinestones… all of them look great.
Alternative to ballet flats are the Oxford shoes which remain popular.

Summer shoe trends – Flatforms

Last but not least, an important trend this summer are the shoes on a flat platform or popularly called ‘flatforms’ (flat + platforms = flatforms). Their platform and heel are of equal height and therefore they offer comfort, while adding a few centimeters in height.
They are a great addition to skirts and shorts and they look especially good with long skirts and maxi dresses.

Shoe color trends for summer

The shoes this summer season should leave a strong impression. Bright colors such as strong royal blue, coral, magenta, yellow and green will bring a lot of freshness into your outfits. Also, an excellent choice is the footwear that has the color blocking effect (for example, part of the straps are blue, others green and the platform is beige). If you haven’t managed to buy nude colored shoes, now it is the right time to do it.
Brighten up your outfits with summer shoes in different color patterns or choose geometric or animal print. This will show that you have a great taste for the latest summer fashion trends.

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