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Who says I love you first?

Saying the words ‘I love you’ is very significant moment in every relationship, even though today those words are often said in vain. Opinion has always prevailed that men hide their feelings, and that women are more emotional and they have the courage to pronounce their love to their partner. According to new research of psychologist Josh Ackerman, 64% of ... Read More »

Top 10 sexy professions for men

Top 10 sexy professions for men

Italian sociologists conducted a study to answer the question – what are the 10 sexiest male professions. It was attended by over 1000 women aged between 22 and 55 years. Interestingly, the majority of female respondents identified that the most sexy men are in uniforms. And their favorites are the guardians of order. 34% of women voted for men in police uniforms. The reason ... Read More »

Women like chocolate more than intimacy

Women like chocolate more than intimacy

A survey made in the UK with more than 2000 women shows that women prefer chocolate than sex, wine and cosmetic products. Many of the surveyed women have shared that they eat something sweet three times a day.According to statistics, 33% of women dream of chocolate during the day, while only 18% think about sex. For comparison – the men who ... Read More »

Face traits that make men attractive – Facial attractiveness

Face traits that make men attractive - Facial attractiveness

The human face has so many characteristic features that are constantly explored by scientists. People who are actively engaged in studying the features of a human’s face, can guess what kind of person you are just by looking at your face for a few seconds. To learn these things, however, you need years of practice. A person’s face can easily show whether ... Read More »

Do you have this symptoms? You need sex

Do you have these symptoms - you need sex

Do you feel blue and you need a quick pick-me-up? If you have some of these symptoms it means that you should grab your partner and make some love.   Your skin isn’t ‘glowing’ Believe it or not, making love actually can help your skin. When you’re making love, your body increases the production of collagen, which as you know, is ... Read More »

Blonde in bed, brunette as a wife

Blonde in bed, brunette as a wife

Men dream of blonde woman in the bedroom, but when they start to think about marriage, they prefer brunette. For a long time it has been believed that the woman’s nature and character is directly related to her hair color. The general idea that people have is that blondes are fun and playful, brunettes and serious and calm, and the sexual energy of the redheads doesn’t have an end… However, some studies contradict this theory. A research has ... Read More »

Most idiotic remarks after sex

What could spoil the good sex? The ‘geniousness’ after! Here are examples of the most idiotic remarks after sex: 10. So how was it? Absolutely never ask that question! If you failed you will look pathetic and if you have done well you will look self-centered, and in either case it is better to keep quiet. 9. Where did you learned all this? What ... Read More »

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