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The most common menstrual cycle problems and solutions

Common menstrual cycle problems and solutions

For most women, menstruation is the most problematic period that happen every month. Usually period problems are different, starting with the first symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and can continue until the period ends. PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a range of physical and emotional symptoms that appear one or two weeks before menstruation. Over 80% of women experience at least ... Read More »

Overcome the things that stop you from exercising

Overcome the things that stop you from exercising

Regular physical activity will make your body fit and beautiful and also it’s great for your health. So if we know how beneficial physical activity is, why don’t we exercise on a daily basis? The truth is that we often have some excuses or reasons that stop us from exercising, whether is lack of time, injuries or self-confidence. Whatever your reason ... Read More »

Natural homemade sunscreen alternatives

Natural homemade sunscreen alternatives

When summer comes, the sun becomes really strong, and that’s when we need to protect our skin from the damaging UV rays. We usually reach for a store bought sunscreen which has high SPF protection, but did you know that you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays with natural homemade sunscreen made with organic products ... Read More »

Easy morning workout: 5 Exercises you can do in bed

5 exercises you can do in bed - Easy and lazy morning worout

Are you are one of those people that have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? And exercising is something that you don’t normally do? Well, you’ll no longer have an excuse for not exercising because there are some easy and good exercises that you can do in bed in the morning when you wake up. Important! If you ... Read More »

Reading books will make your life better

reading books make life better

We live in a very busy world, and the lack of free time encourages us to choose the movie before the book on which the movie is based. However, there isn’t an excuse strong enough to justify why we abandon the paper sources of knowledge and inspiration. Reading books undoubtedly makes life better and more fun. Here’s why you should ... Read More »

Chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longer

Chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longer

Chewing gum can improve your concentration and increase your alertness. Another research once again confirmed that chewing a gum before committing to a mental task can improve the final results. Researchers say that the participants who chewed gum before the test, showed better results compared with those participants who didn’t. But researchers ‘warn’ that the positive effect lasts only 15-20 minutes ... Read More »

7 healthiest herbs and spices

Herbs and spices not only make the taste of food better, but they have a health benefits too. Some of them are used thousands of years ago, and modern scientific studies prove that the positive effects of spices and herbs on our health are not just empty stories. Cinnamon The biggest benefits: it regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics. Put ... Read More »

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