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8 homemade anti dandruff solutions

homemade hair treatments for dandruff

When you have a constant fight against something so annoying and persistent as dandruff, you need to use all the weapons that are available. Some of them are hiding in your kitchen, so there is no reason why not to use them. Here are 8 anti dandruff homemade solutions that you can try and add to your normal anti dandruff routine ... Read More »

13 tips on how to reduce dandruff

tips on how to reduce dandruff

Dandruff is one of the biggest enemies of beautiful hair. The small white flakes that look like snowflakes are easily visible and create an unpleasant appearance (especially if you wear black clothes) and that causes you to feel bad and embarrassed. It is estimated that around 60% of people are faced with the problem called dandruff at some point in their lives. Dandruff can occur at any age after puberty, but it often occurs during puberty. It is believed that men suffer more from dandruff than women. The causes of dandruff ... Read More »

10 home hair care tips that you need to know

Home hair care tips that yo need to know

Professional hair care is the best, but sometimes we don’t always have enough time and money to go to a professional hair salon. The home hair care is also important, and if you combine it with the advice of professionals stylists it will result in a healthy and beautiful hair. Here are some home hair care tips for stylish and healthy ... Read More »

The top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try

The top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try

The most popular spring hair trends are completely different form one another – from modern and perfectly tidy hair, to a messy hairstyles. However, all of them are very interesting and they’ll surely tempt you to experiment with your hairstyle during the spring days. Here are the top 7 spring hairstyles you need to try: Spring hairstyle trend – Romantic wavy locks ... Read More »

10 beauty tips recommended by experts

beauty tips recommended by experts

In life, there are some small thing that can do a lot, and you never know when they’ll come in handy. Beauty and makeup experts also know a lot of expert beauty tips that can turn your makeup or hair from plain to perfect. Here are some beauty tips that are recommended by beauty experts: Expert beauty tip #1: Salty ... Read More »

Rejuvenating DIY homemade spring hair masks

homemade banana hair masks

Spring is that time of the year when everything wakes up refreshed and new. So this spring refresh and moisturize your hair with these rejuvenating homemade hair masks made with the gifts given from the nature while you’re relaxing in your own home. Here are few Rejuvenating DIY homemade spring hair masks that you can do from fresh and natural ingredients: ... Read More »

Natural homemade hair masks for healthy hair

homemade hair masks with banana apple and orange

The hair is like jewelry that every women wears with pride. No mater the color, length,volume or shape, the hair is an indispensable part of female beauty. So, every woman wants her hair to be beautiful and shiny. But in order to achieve this, most women actually damage their hair. Excessive use of hair dryers, straighteners and cosmetic products makes the hair exquisitely beautiful, but in the long run the hair becomes damaged, lifeless and without shine. Besides ... Read More »

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