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Easy morning workout: 5 Exercises you can do in bed

5 exercises you can do in bed - Easy and lazy morning worout

Are you are one of those people that have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? And exercising is something that you don’t normally do? Well, you’ll no longer have an excuse for not exercising because there are some easy and good exercises that you can do in bed in the morning when you wake up. Important! If you ... Read More »

7 Easy exercises to stay fit in 15 minutes of workout

7 Easy exercises to stay fit in 15 minutes of workout

Did you know that you need only 15 minutes of exercise in order to stay fit? So forget every excuse that you don’t have time, fill yourself with a strong will to tone and shape your body. Do a short training consisted of seven effective exercises. Fitness experts say it is not necessary to struggle with long training sessions to be fit. Before starting to exercise, accelerate the rhythm of your heart and bring your body in ... Read More »

Interesting expert advises for flat stomach

In order to add more diversion into the fitness programs and not to have monotonous tips for weight loss, experts are constantly in search of interesting tricks that people will immediately accept and love in their life. Experts claim that the shaping and the toning of the stomach area can be fun and easy. In this article you will not find cliches like ‘drink plenty of water’, ‘eat fruits and vegetables’ or ‘limit the portions’, but interesting exercises and movements that will help you to achieve the goal of a ... Read More »

Reduce your appetite by washing your teeth

Reduce your appetite by washing your teeth

Do you want to consume fewer calories and to find a way to reduce the your appetite? U.S. scientists have found out that the use of toothpaste is a great trick to do this. Here’s how you can reduce your appetite by washing your teeth: Whenever you feel hungry, you shouldn’t get up, reach for the fridge and start to eat. ... Read More »

8 proven ways to burn more fat

8 proven ways to burn more fat

You are exercising, you have a healthy diet and you notice that your muscles begin to strengthen. But you are bothered because of the fat that peeps over your jeans and hides your toned muscles. Unfortunately, the process of burning fat is not so simple, nor you can force it to ‘melt’ in certain body parts (the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, etc.). However, there are certain ways that can help you get rid of the unpleasant ... Read More »

Nuts and yogurt can help you lose weight

The desire to achieve and maintain a slender figure is huge in every person, so scientists are trying everyday to get to the facts that will help us to achieve it. Recent research, in which participated 120,000 people of which 80% were women, found out that certain foods help the process of reducing weight. Researchers found out that consuming yogurt and ... Read More »

Olive oil reduces risk of stroke

The markets are full of fresh vegetables that are an indispensable part of a healthy diet. But to get the maximum benefit from salads instead of the popular ground nut oil, use some extra virgin olive oil. Based on the results of a new research, scientists claim that regular consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of stroke by 41%. They ... Read More »

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