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Dependence of technology similar to drug addiction

Nowadays many people own a mobile phone, many have a computer and many are involved in at least one social network.  But people, especially students, are not only used to have these things in their life, but they are dependent on them. Research conducted in 1000 universities in 10 countries, including USA, China and Britain, found that when students were ... Read More »

Public places where germs live

While we can’t see them with a naked eye, germs, as bacteria and viruses are everywhere around us and we are constantly in contact with them. It’s enough to touch the phone at work, the shopping cart at the supermarket or the door knob of a public toilet to pass the bacteria on your hands. And if then you touch ... Read More »

Why are my joints cracking?

Why are my joints cracking

With the beginning of autumn and winter the humidity in the air increases. In many people this is the period when the joints begin to crack. Arthritis are a group of diseases in which there is a primary inflammation of one or more joints. The reason can be disrupted function of the immune system and the triggering cause for the ... Read More »

Breast self-examination – How to do a breast self-exam at home

Breast self-examination

Breast self-examination is a free, simple and effective way of controlling the health of your breasts. It helps women to learn how their breasts normally look and how they feel on touch and if there are any changes, you can immediately notice them. Experts recommend that every women after 20 years of age should perform breast self-examination every month, but ... Read More »

9 health benefits of eating apples – Apples and your health

The apple - guardian of your health

Apples are a refreshing and delicious fruit and eating at least one delicious apple a day can positively affect your health. Whether you choose green, red or yellow apple, your body will thank you for every bite you take. Apples are fruits extremely rich in vitamin C, vitamins B, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc, but these juicy fruits also contain ... Read More »

Why is water so important for our health?

Why is water so important for our health?

Water is essential for our life. People can survive much longer without food than without water. The only thing that is more important for living is air. Water is about 60-70% of our body weight. Therefore, every inch of our body needs water to work properly. Insufficient intake of water leads to dehydration, and in such a case the normal ... Read More »

12 basic rules for women’s intimate hygiene

12 basic rules for women's intimate hygiene

Women often talk and share experiences and tips on skin care, hair care and using makeup. But sadly, the very important intimate hygiene is rarely a topic of conversation. Maintaining the hygiene in the intimate zone is extremely important for women, not just to feel cleaner and fresh, but to avoid unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health problems that may arise. Here ... Read More »

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