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Reading books will make your life better

reading books make life better

We live in a very busy world, and the lack of free time encourages us to choose the movie before the book on which the movie is based. However, there isn’t an excuse strong enough to justify why we abandon the paper sources of knowledge and inspiration. Reading books undoubtedly makes life better and more fun. Here’s why you should ... Read More »

7 healthiest herbs and spices

Herbs and spices not only make the taste of food better, but they have a health benefits too. Some of them are used thousands of years ago, and modern scientific studies prove that the positive effects of spices and herbs on our health are not just empty stories. Cinnamon The biggest benefits: it regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics. Put ... Read More »

Natural and effective home remedies

Natural and effective home remedies

You have an annoying hiccup and you can’t stop it? Your feet are killing you? Your husband is snoring? You have a troubling headache? Here are some natural and effective home remedies that are unusual, but might help you to relieve some unpleasant conditions: Important! Consult your doctor if you experience severe symptoms of the conditions below.   Home remedy ... Read More »

9 bad habits that can harm your teeth

bad habits that can harm your teeth

Regular tooth brushing and flossing is not enough to keep your teeth healthy and looking great. Sometimes small daily habits can ruin your teeth without you knowing it. Some habits leave negative effect immediately (breaking of the teeth) and some destroy the teeth slowly. To maintain your dental health, make sure that you get rid of these bad habits that can harm your ... Read More »

Stress May Cause Excess Belly Fat

Stress May Cause Excess Belly Fat

We already know that stress is a major enemy to our health and our appearance. Also, it’s no secret that many people tend to eat more than normal when they’re stressed and under pressure. And of course, we know that overeating leads to gaining weight which in women it’s most pronounced in the abdomen area. Stress may cause excess belly ... Read More »

Cucumber – super refreshing and healthy

The saying that the cucumber has no nutritional value, is completely wrong, the nutritionists say. Its biological composition, consists vitamins and minerals, and it shows the opposite – that the cucumber is really healthy. From the vitamins, the cucumber is the richest in vitamin C and in traces it contains almost all vitamins of the group B and also carotene. ... Read More »

Olive oil reduces risk of stroke

The markets are full of fresh vegetables that are an indispensable part of a healthy diet. But to get the maximum benefit from salads instead of the popular ground nut oil, use some extra virgin olive oil. Based on the results of a new research, scientists claim that regular consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of stroke by 41%. They ... Read More »

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