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DIY Homemade natural hair dye or lightener

Hair dye from natural products

We all know that the easiest way to dye our hair is with chemical hair dye. But the hair dye that we buy at the beauty stores contains hydrogen peroxide that damages our hair instantly, also most of them contain ammonium that smells awful and also many other ingredients that are actually toxic. Try some homemade natural hair dyes that will dye your ... Read More »

Simple tips to get soft lips – Make your lips kissably soft

Simple tips to get soft lips - Make your lips kissably soft

There is nothing more beautiful than a female smile. However, dry cracked lips can make smiling uncomfortable and painful. Besides causing pain, dry lips cause discomfort and they don’t look attractive. So find out why you get dry and cracked lips and make them soft, smooth and kissable. Get soft lips – Causes of dry lips Most people suffer from cracked ... Read More »

Benefits of face massage

The use of cosmetics, even the most effective ones, without applying it with massage movements are equal to the use of slimming cream, without exercising. On the face there are many muscles and it is part of the body that is most venerable to stress. So one of the main features of the massage is to remove tension. Developed bone structure allows you ... Read More »

5 Homemade anti-dandruff hair masks

homemade anti dandruff hair masks

Everyone who suffered from dandruff at any point of their lives knows how persistent and annoying this problem can be, especially when you see the small white flakes on your dark clothes. Anti dandruff shampoos can give a certain relief, but sometimes they are not a permanent solution and also some of them can be too harsh and actually worsen ... Read More »

Toothpaste – one product, ten uses

Did you know that the good old toothpaste have many more purposes than only cleaning your teeth? Here are few: For white nails. Often the nails start to get yellowish from the excessive use of nail polishes with strong colors . In order to restore the glow of the nails, just rub them with a toothbrush and toothpaste. For insect bite or blisters. ... Read More »

Full Brazilian waxing

full Brazilian waxing

Removing unwanted hair all over the body is part of the female life. Modern women want to have a smooth body constantly, and the best way to  achieve it  is with waxing. When we hear about waxing, the very first thought is pain. Yes, waxing is painful, but is one of the most effective ways to have smooth and silky skin for 3-4 ... Read More »

10 Beauty uses for Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)

10 Beauty uses for Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)

Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly that is used everywhere around the world. It is mostly known because it locks the moisture on the skin, but here are 10 beauty uses for Vaseline (petroleum jelly) that you might not know: Beauty use for Vaseline #1 – As a lip balm Vaseline locks in the moisture and this helps to soften the lips ... Read More »

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