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When the spouses are flirting

It is known that men wrongly interpret the flirting with another women and often do not understand when they are flirting. But researchers have discovered another interesting fact. Women and men who are married, react differently after they flirt with strangers. This is the conclusion of researchers McGill University in Canada.

According to them, when men flirt with an unknown woman, afterwards they have higher requirements and expectations from the wife. In contrast, after flirting, women go to their husband gently and try to improve the relations in the family.

A simple test showed that men after a successful flirting are inclined to forgive their spouse for 12% less than they were thinking to do so before the flirting, while women are willing to forgive their husbands for 17.5% more.

This difference is due to the fact that women and men have different attitude towards flirting. Men consider that each relationship is based on a short-term flirtation. Women give greater significance of the relationship and see it as a threat which can harm the family harmony. So, after flirting they are more gentle and also more careful with their husbands. That way they are trying to reinforce their relationship.