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The Secret of Great Kissing – Kissing Tips and Facts

The Secret of Great Kissing - Kissing Tips and Facts

The kiss is a very important factor in the beginning of each relationship. It can completely knock you off our feet or it can make you break up with someone. Therefore, the importance of kissing should never be underestimated.

Scientists have proven that a kiss for both men and women has entirely different meaning. One research has found that 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women had a breakup once in their lifetime, because their partner was a bad kisser. Partial reason for this, scientists believe is the sense of smell, and that by kissing you can subconsciously collect information about the other person.

However, regardless of whether the kiss is good, bad or fantastic, men and women are perceiving the kissing in slightly different ways. It’s found out that most women are attracted to men who are genetically different from them, or have a different immune system from them. The reason may be evolutionary because the children of partners with different genes will have a chance to have a stronger immune system.

The Secret of Great Kissing - Kissing Tips and Facts

The secret of great kissing – Kissing facts

Unlike women, men use the kiss to prove to a women that they are attractive and appealing. Men tend to use the kiss as a way to boost sexual desire in a woman or to influence the moment of reconciliation, after a fight. Women use the kiss as a means of assessing and evaluating the partner.

Another survey found that men prefer the French kiss. According to one theory this phenomenon is explained by the fact that men in their saliva have small amounts of testosterone and during kissing they transfer it to the woman and increase her libido.

In long relationships, frequent kissing is a good way to keep the relationship strong. But no mater how long the relationship is, women use the kissing to examine the state of the relationship, and more often than men, they insist on kissing before, during and after intimacy.

The secret of great kissing – Kissing tips

The secret of great kissing – Kissing tip #1

You can basically kiss your partner everywhere, but you’ll get the sweetest kisses in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Also don’t forget, your breath must be fresh! If you’ve eaten some smelly food and you smell like it, that will kill the strongest desire for kissing. Not to mention that it’ll leave quite unpleasant memories for your partner.

The secret of great kissing – Kissing tip #2

When you kiss your partner, don’t just stand there and do nothing. During the kiss you can touch, hug and caress your partner. Also don’t forget to give your partner a sweet little compliment after you’ve kissed him. Another important thing is not to exaggerate. Your lips should be relaxed and your tongue (if you use it) should move gently in the rhythm of your kiss. Your mouth shouldn’t be too closed or too open.

The secret of great kissing – Kissing tip #3

Kisses can be tender and sweet, more romantic or seductive or somewhere between the two things. It’s important to choose the right rhythm that’s suitable for your emotions. For example, if you and your partner are in a sweet and romantic atmosphere don’t kiss him too aggressively and too quickly. And vice versa, if you both feel the passion burning, don’t slow down the pace. A perfect ending to the perfect kiss is a gentle kiss that lingers for a few seconds, accompanied by a hug.

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