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Easy morning workout: 5 Exercises you can do in bed

5 exercises you can do in bed - Easy and lazy morning worout

Are you are one of those people that have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? And exercising is something that you don’t normally do? Well, you’ll no longer have an excuse for not exercising because there are some easy and good exercises that you can do in bed in the morning when you wake up. Important! If you ... Read More »

Most Wearable Fashion Color Trends of Fall

Colors that are stylish this fall 2013

Luxurious, romantic, practical and complex are the actual colors for the fall season. Although the designers again opted for natural, earthy and neutral colors, they also showed out their creativity through inventive use of interesting shades and hues that leave us enchanted. Here are the most wearable fashion color trends of fall according to Pantone: Fashion Color Trend of Fall ... Read More »

Popular Spring Fashion Trends to Try

Popular Spring Fashion Trends to Try

For several seasons, fashion trends have encouraged us to peek into our men’s closets and to borrow some of their clothes. But spring fashion trends are all about femininity. Floral patterns, 20’s glamour, trendy colors that range from pastel to shocking neon shades and the ‘peplum’ forms are clear signals that we should aim for romance and femininity. Here are the most popular spring fashion trends that’ll surely bring you some inspiration for your new spring fashion combinations: Spring fashion ... Read More »

Chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longer

Chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longer

Chewing gum can improve your concentration and increase your alertness. Another research once again confirmed that chewing a gum before committing to a mental task can improve the final results. Researchers say that the participants who chewed gum before the test, showed better results compared with those participants who didn’t. But researchers ‘warn’ that the positive effect lasts only 15-20 minutes ... Read More »

6 Smart & Money-Saving Shopping Strategies

6 Smart & Money-Saving Shopping Strategies

Shopping is a favorite female pleasure. The search for a nice piece of clothing, finding discounts and coupons or just buying stuff elevates the adrenaline, brings positive emotions and improves the mood significantly. But to stay happy and satisfied after you return home, you need to do a smart shopping, so you won’t have bags full of clothes that you don’t really like ... Read More »

10 reasons why men break up with women

Why men break up with women

It is a fact that some relationships end unsuccessfully. You will have or had at least a few relationships before you meet or met the right one. Most likely you will break someone’s heart and/or someone will break yours. That moment when he said goodbye, you probably wondered what was the reason, especially if there wasn’t any obvious one. Here are some of ... Read More »

7 timeless makeup looks

timeless makeup looks and trends

Makeup trends are constantly changing and evolving. And really, the fun is to experiment with makeup – with new colors and shapes that are ideal for the season. But if you don’t want to follow the temporary trends, you can always rely on the timeless makeup looks that are here to stay. Here are some timeless makeup trends that are always popular: Timeless ... Read More »

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