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Diets can lead to hair loss

The stress of today’s lifestyle affect our physical and mental health. Surprising is the fact that one in three women over the age of 25 years suffers a greater or lesser extent of hair loss. Exactly 37% of women are facing this major problem that is killing their confidence. The results of research in the UK showed this. One third of ... Read More »

Red wine is good for your teeth

Red wine is good for your teeth

Many people avoid drinking red wine because they want to protect their teeth from staining and yellowing. But a new research proves exactly the opposite – red wine is good for your teeth and help you to have a beautiful smile. According to the results of research, one glass of red wine a day can help to keep your teeth healthy and reduce the risk of cavities thus reducing the visits to the dentist. Researchers found out that red wine contains chemicals that can reduce tooth decay because it ... Read More »

Morning cigarette is most dangerous

Smokers who light their first cigarette shortly after waking up, have higher levels of nicotine in the body, compared with those who are waiting to light their cigarette after breakfast. Therefore, the impatient smokers are more exposed to risk of lung cancer. This was shown by the results of a new research, in which participated 252 healthy smokers. Researchers measured the level of nicotine in their body (and by-products of nicotine), which shows how big is the risk of developing a lung cancer. The highest level measured nicotine was in ... Read More »

Gray hair is due to genes and less by stress

If you notice gray hair in your hair, do not blame it on stress. Recent research in this area showed that the occurrence of this unwanted sign of old age in women lies in the genetic material. The study involved 200 non-identical twins and also identical twins at the age of 59 to 81 years. Scientists have observed the amount of ... Read More »

Our memory strengthens while we sleep

Our memory strengthens while we sleep

Although most people think that sleeping is a loss of time, recent research shows that it is not exactly so. New scientific research proves that our memory strengthens while we sleep. Researches tested a group of people. They showed them 50 objects on a computer, and the participants had to remember the exact location of each object. In order to improve their memory, the showing of each object was accompanied by a sound. Later, while the participants were sleeping, the researches ... Read More »

Carrots speed up the children’s growth

Scientists  found out that children who eat more orange vegetables, grow two times faster than their peers. The study involved 300 children, aged 3 to 16 years. Children who ate more vegetables rich in vitamin A, have grown an average of 4 inches a year. Their peers from the control group, for the same period of year have grown only 2 inches. According to doctors, most of the children who did not consumed vegetables rich in vitamin A were healthy but suffered from latent (hidden) lack of certain vitamins. Lack of vitamin A, iron and zinc results in slower growth in ... Read More »

Cucumber – super refreshing and healthy

The saying that the cucumber has no nutritional value, is completely wrong, the nutritionists say. Its biological composition, consists vitamins and minerals, and it shows the opposite – that the cucumber is really healthy. From the vitamins, the cucumber is the richest in vitamin C and in traces it contains almost all vitamins of the group B and also carotene. ... Read More »

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