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Vitamins and minerals that help against acne

Vitamins and minerals that help against acne

It’s a common misconception is that diet severely affects acne and its treatment. This is probably the most common myth about acne. The truth is that acne isn’t affected by diet that much and you probably know that. You’ve probably tried not to eat the ‘forbidden’ foods, but the acne doesn’t disappear. However, you shouldn’t overdo it with sweets, chocolate, fatty foods ... Read More »

Easy ways to consume less calories

The women who are in perfect shape without effort and who have never faced the problem of being overweight are rare. On the other hand, the majority of women are trying everyday to find a proper diet that would bring a fast and effective weight loss. The entire process of selecting a diet and sticking to it can be very complicated ... Read More »

The Mediterranean diet – a lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet - a lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet is not a classical diet, but an everyday diet which nations who live on the Mediterranean shores consume. Unlike most diets that focus on the prohibition of certain foods, The Mediterranean diet focuses on what is permitted. Foods that are recommended to be consumed are delicious and that’s why most people don’t feel the need to go back to the ... Read More »

Drink milk to have healthy eyes

If you want to be in good form, you need to drink milk, say scientists who base their advice on the results of recent research. Women who have high body levels of vitamin D are more protected from possible eye problems. Specifically, among them two-thirds are less likely to develop macular degeneration, which is associated with age, shows the recent U.S. ... Read More »

7 foods for a flat stomach

7 foods for a flat stomach

Getting a flat stomach is a huge challenge for many women. If you’re one of thousands of women who has a sweet tooth or enjoys a good food, then you know how hard it is to get a flat tummy. Exercise is necessary but sometimes not sufficient for getting a flat stomach. It’s necessary for you to have a healthy diet ... Read More »

Foods that speed up the metabolism

There are certain foods that accelerate the metabolism and burn more calories. If you include these foods in your diet, you can burn more calories if you are in a diet, or if you want to maintain your weight after a diet. Of course, just eating a particular food will not be enough. You need to exercise regularly too. Milk and cereals: Secret ingredients: ... Read More »

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a complex of eight antioxidants: four tocopherols (α-, β-, γ-, δ-) and four tocotrienols (α-, β-, γ-, δ-). The only active form that is retained in the human body is α-tocopherol. Why vitamin E is important? Vitamin E helps the body to fight cancer and heart diseases and infections. It strengthens the immune system and helps to ... Read More »

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