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How to make your hair more voluminous

How to make your hair more voluminous

Many women complain about the lack of volume in their hair. Voluminous hair is sexy, it looks full and healthy and it also attracts glances from men. Here are few tips on how to make your hair more voluminous: Make your hair more voluminous with teasing Teasing or backcombing is a classic method when you want to give your hair ... Read More »

What you should know about using homemade masks

Face masks give your face a healthy and fresh-looking skin. World famous companies offer countless masks with different composition. Our task is to choose a mask that fits your age, skin type and options for purchasing. There is a second option – to have fun with what nature gives us. The fridge is where you hide all the ingredients you need for your ... Read More »

Hair straightening

Whether you are addicted to the hair straightener? If yes, we will now help you find out if you miss something while you do your hair shiny and perfectly straight. On the other hand, if you have never used  hair straightener, now you will learn how to do this and certainly you will want to try it. Straight hair always has better shine, ... Read More »

Simple ways to give yourself a facial massage

Simple ways to give yourself a facial massage

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make your skin look fresher and tighter? The answer is: Face massage. Yes, you don’t need fancy skin creams, although you’re free to use them, but you only need your fingers and our favorite natural oil and you can give yourself a facial massage at home. Massage is an excellent way to ... Read More »

Special care for the oily skin

Beware of what food you consume. Products that are too fatty can further activate the work of the sebaceous glands. They make the dull oily glow to appear on your face. Therefore these foods should be avoided. At night, clean your face very carefully. During the day on the face are staying products of the sebaceous glands, dead skin, dust and makeup. The face should ... Read More »

Special care for dry skin

Avoid powder foundation. However, if you decide to use a powder foundation, first apply a greater amount moisturizing cream. Better option is to use a cream foundation. Classic soap and water are the worst enemies of dry skin. Instead of soap, use cleansing toilet milks. Eat healthy. In your daily menu include more vegetables and fruits. Consume foods rich in vitamin A and D. It is advisable ... Read More »

Special care for normal skin

Use a face masks. Because this type of skin does not create unpleasant skin problems, you can use face mask once a week and sometimes less. Exfoliating  should become your habit once a week, so you will not lose your healthy-looking skin. Do not use soap for washing your face. There are various cleansers made for your skin type. Choose not very ... Read More »

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