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Sunburn: Causes, symptoms and homemade sunburn remedies

Sunburn - causes, symptoms and homemade sunburn remedies

We know how harmful the sun is, especially in summer. It can be hazardous for our skin and health and that’s why we should protect ourselves from it. But when the time for the summer holiday comes, thousands of people forget to protect their skin from the sun, and they often face the problem called sunburn. What causes sunburn Sunburn appears ... Read More »

Best brain foods

Food can be a cure, but it also can be the biggest enemy of the health. The choices you make when you sit at the table affect the way you think, your mood, concentration and energy. Some foods can make you feel happy, focused and concentrated and others can make you sleepy, tired and without energy. Through smart selection of food that ... Read More »

Control the reactions of your body

In life, there are some situations that require you to refrain from expressing emotions through a smile or tears. There are also other situations in which you want to help yourself to avoid unpleasant problems like fainting, acids or prevent the annoying hiccup. Your body can only fight against these undesirable problems, but you need to tell it what to do. Prevent the ... Read More »

Fruits and vegetables that absorb most pesticides

Which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides

Today, the only way to make sure that the quality of the food that we eat is excellent is to produce the food ourselves. But the modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow it, and the organic produce can sometimes be a bit expensive. So it is better to be informed which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides, so we can make ... Read More »

Social phobia

Most people are nervous and anxious before or during some social events such as job interviews, public speech or meeting, but that is normal. Social phobia is much more than simple embarrassment and butterflies in the stomach and affect the lifestyle of that person. What is social phobia: Social phobia is also called social anxiety disorder. It is much more than simple ... Read More »

6 homemade medical solutions

There are little medical wonders that are found in every home. You just need to learn which one to use and for what purpose you should use them. Chamomile: With chamomile tea can help yourself if you have an inflammation of the eyes. Allow the tea to cool down and wash your eyes with it. Yogurt: Sun burns can be eased and even cured with yogurt. All you have to do is to spread a thick layer of yogurt on your skin. Ice cubes: Rub your tongue with ... Read More »

13 things you need to know about intimate health

The vulva is the part of the female body that is surrounded by secrecy, shame and mystery. Women talk openly about almost any other organ, but often skipped the topics related to the genitals. Although things are changing and women are becoming more and more educated about intimate health, there are many women who are embarrassed to ask for information about these ... Read More »

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