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How to choose the perfect dress for your body type

Women who are proud of their perfect figure are extremely rare. But you don’t have to have a model’s body to look attractive. You only need to master the art of balancing your proportions and to emphasize those parts of your body that you like and to hide the parts that you don’t like.

Skirts and dresses are clothes that scream femininity and you can wear them all year round. You can wear them to work, when you go for a coffee with friends, when you’re going out for dinner with your partner etc. If you want to look feminine, choose skirt or dress.

How to choose the perfect dress for your body typeBut before you go shopping, read how to choose dresses and skirts for your body type and what type of clothing you should avoid.

Choose dresses and skirts for your body type – Body shape ‘pear’

The body shape ‘pear’ is characterized by a bigger bottom part of the body. If you have this kind of figure, then you probably have wide hips, narrow shoulders and small breasts.

Your goal is to distract the attention from your hips and to make them look smaller, and in the same time to emphasize your upper body and beautiful tiny waist.

You should choose A-line skirts that are snug at the top and wide at the bottom), because they’ll hide the wide hips and won’t outline them. Also A-line skirts and dresses are perfect for your figure. Choose dresses that are tighter a your waist and wider at your hips, and add a skinny belt to emphasize your waist.

It is best to focus on skirts and dresses in solid color, preferably dark color, because it’ll make your hips look smaller. The ideal length would be 1-2 inches below your knee, but you can also try on shorter A-line skirts. Combine the dark skirts with bright tops or shirts that will highlight your upper body.

Avoid tight and too short skirts or dresses, too bold patterns and stretchy materials.

Choose dresses and skirts for your body type – Body shape ‘apple’

Having a body shape ‘apple’ means that most of your weight is located in the middle part of your body, around the stomach and chest. If you have body type ‘apple’, then you probably have narrow shoulders and skinny arms and legs.

Your goal is to make your waist look smaller so you can achieve the desired hourglass figure and at the same time to emphasize your skinny legs.

You need to choose dresses with empire waist that fall freely from under your chest and get wider all the way to the lower edge. Strapless dresses, V-neck or open neckline are the most appropriate for you so you’ll highlight your chest and thin arms and shoulders. You should choose skirts that are snug at the waist and fuller at the bottom, also called A-line skirts.

The length of your skirts and dresses shouldn’t go below your knee, because your goal is to highlight your legs. Ideally the length of your skirt or dress should be 1-2 inches above your knee.

Try to emphasize your neck with an interesting necklace and choose beautiful shoes or sandals with interesting details. Avoid mini skirts, because they emphasize wide hips, tight dresses and pencil skirts and don’t choose too wide and long dresses.

Choose dresses and skirts for your body type – Body shape ‘rectangle’

The body type ‘rectangle’ is characterized by equal width of shoulders, waist and hips. If you have this kind of figure, you probably are petite or tall and athletic.

Your goal is to create a thinner waist that will mimic the hourglass figure.

The good thing about body type ‘rectangle’ is that many different models of dresses and skirts can look good on you, but in the same time that makes it difficult for you to find the perfect dress. You can choose pencil skirts, A-line skirts, even frilly skirts. But whatever type of skirt you choose, always add a belt to make your waist look thinner. Dresses with interesting neckline and details are a good choice for you. If you have small breasts, choose dresses with folds in the chest.

Avoid tight mini skirts, high waist skirts and dresses that are too wide.

Choose dresses and skirts for your body type – Body shape ‘reverse triangle’

The body type ‘reverse triangle’ is characterized by a wider upper body and smaller hips. If you have this kind of figure, you probably have broad shoulders and / or big breasts, small hips and small waist. Many models have this kind of figure and it’s usually accompanied with beautiful long legs.

Your goal is to distract the attention from the broad shoulders and to make your hips look bigger to get a more balanced figure.

You should choose skirts and dresses that are wider at the hips. Pleated, frilled or bubble skirts is the ideal choice for you. Dresses with tight corset that spread down will give you a feminine look. All details of the dress have to be at the bottom and the top part of the dress should be simple and monochromatic.

Avoid pencil skirts and tight dresses. Also, you should avoid dresses that have folds and details at the shoulders because big and sparkly details will attract attention to your shoulders.

Choose dresses and skirts for your body type – Body shape ‘hourglass’

The ‘hourglass’ body shape is the figure that every woman wants to have. If you have this type of figure, then your shoulders and hips are equally wide, and you have a small waist.

Your goal is to highlight your beautiful curves, especially your small waist.

You can wear almost all models of skirts and dresses that emphasize your body. Pencil skirts are made for you. Combine the pencil skirt with a nice blouse and a nice belt. You can wear any type of length, but you might want to avoid wearing too short skirts if you don’t want to draw attention to your feet. If you want to show off your  new and interesting shoes, then wear a shorter skirt. Dresses with pleats, details or a ribbon that ties around your waist are another type of dresses that have been created to highlight your beautiful waist, so don’t forget to add this type of dress to your wardrobe.

Avoid wide skirts and empire waist dresses, because they’ll hide your curves that you’re proud of. Also, avoid dresses with too much details in the waist area, because they’ll destroy your hourglass figure.

choose the perfect dress for your body type

Extra tips

If you’re petite, wear shorter dresses or skirts and choose shoes in nude color to elongate your legs. If you’re wearing tights, it’s best that your tights and shoes are the same color, for example black.
If you are tall and have long legs, wearing mini skirts that show off your legs are a great choice for you.
If you have small breasts, wear frilly skirts in bright colors and patterns. Combine them with monochrome tops to avoid drawing attention to your chest area.
If you have fuller waist, wrap dresses are great for you, because they’ll make your waist look smaller.

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