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Give yourself a professional manicure at home

Give yourself a professional manicure at home

Do you want your nails to look beautiful and fun, without having to spend a lot of money and time to have your nails done? Then get a few things and your favorite nail polish and give yourself a professional manicure at home.

Give yourself a professional manicure at home

Professional manicure at home step 1 – Remove the old nail polish

If you don’t use nail polishes with strong colors, use nail polish remover without acetone. If you are unable to fully remove the nail polish, then use acetone. It is best to use cotton pads, not just plain cotton because hairs of the cotton may stay on your nails and that can ruin your manicure.

Professional manicure at home step 2 – Shape your nails

Cut the unnecessary length of your nails with a nail clipper to be more precise. Then using the nail file, smooth the sharp edges and give the ultimate shape of your nails. Rounded nails are more elegant, but ‘square’ shape is more modern. What form of your nails you want to have is your personal choice.

Professional manicure at home step 3 – Soak your hands in soapy water

If you are in a too much hurry you can skip this step, but if you want to shape you cuticles, then it is best to soak your hands for at least for 5 minutes in warm water mixed with your favorite liquid soap. Don’t use too much hot water as it can dry out the skin on your hands.

Professional manicure at home step 4 – Push back the cuticles

You can skip this step, but most women don’t want their cuticles to spoil the appearance of their nails. Take a round wooden stick (you can use an ice cream or popsicle stick) and push the cuticles towards the bottom of your nail. It is not recommended to cut your cuticles, but if you think you are experienced enough, you can try it. However, be especially careful not to hurt yourself.

Professional manicure at home step 5 – Remove the dead skin

You can make your favorite homemade sugar scrub or you can do a simple mixture of olive oil with salt or sugar and rub it in your hands. It will remove the dead skin from your hands and they will become soft to the touch and have beautiful appearance.

Professional manicure at home step 6 – Nourish the skin

Massage your hands with your favorite body lotion or hand cream. Or if you have a bit more time to pamper yourself, you can make a nourishing homemade hand treatments and make your hands really soft and velvety.

Professional manicure at home step 7 – Get rid of the excess lotion or cream

Generally it is not recommended to apply nail polish over oil. So, take a paper towel and remove the excess product that had you previously applied. After that wash your hands or just your fingers with mild soap and dry them thoroughly.

Professional manicure at home step 8 – Use a base coat

Before you start to apply a nail polish, it is very important first to apply a base coat.  That way the  manicure will last longer and the nails will be protected, especially if you use nail polishes in strong and dark colors. If you have soft and brittle nails, it is best to use a base coat to strengthen your nails. If you don’t have a special base coat, apply a clear nail polish first.

Professional manicure at home step 9 – You’re ready to apply some color

To have a simple manicure in one solid color or you  to create a nail art, is your choice. If you choose to paint your nails in one color, do the following steps:

Apply two coats of nail polish. It is better to put two thin layers of nail polish than one thick. Professionals apply the nail polish in three moves, starting from the center then one side of the nail and the other, so after little practice you can do it at home. Immediately remove all errors with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover before the nail polish dries.
Allow the nail polish to completely dry. Be patient and wait before proceeding with the second layer or before you start doing something else with your hands.  You can easily destroy your manicure with one simple move with your hands. Therefore, wait at least 5-10 minutes for the nail polish to completely dry.

Additional tip

If a colored nail polish has already done damage to your nails and they are now yellow or stained, you can rub them with some lemon juice or toothpaste. It will whiten up your nails a little.

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