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Create your own relaxing spa treatment at home

relaxing spa treatment at home

Every woman deserves to have one evening dedicated just for pampering and relaxation. And you shouldn’t spend too much money or time to plan a trip to a spa when you can create your own relaxing spa treatment at home. You’ll need just a few things from your kitchen and an hour or two just for yourself. Create a relaxing ... Read More »

10 nourishing and moisturizing DIY homemade lip scrubs

DIY homemade lip scrubs - nourishing and moisturizing

The skin on our lips is extremely sensitive and delicate and gets chapped and dry very easily by the wind, sun and the cold air in winter. The purpose of a homemade lip scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells that make the lips look dry and flaky. You can experiment with different ingredients, but don’t choose products that are ... Read More »

10 Homemade face and body scrubs with sugar

homemade sugar face and body scrubs

Homemade scrubs are the best and one of the best ingredient for a homemade face and body scrub that is both gentle and exfoliating in the same time is sugar. Sugar is a great natural exfoliant that is suitable for all skin types – from oily to sensitive skin. Probably the best thing about the homemade face and body scrubs ... Read More »

Nourishing homemade face masks with kiwi fruit

Nourishing and brightening kiwifruit face masks

In today’s busy lives, we’re in a constant search of organic and natural skin care product that are not only effective, but also good for us. Home face masks are easy to make, doesn’t cost much and they are all natural. Best of all, we can experiment with anything until we find what works best for our skin type. Kiwi ... Read More »

7 healthiest herbs and spices

Herbs and spices not only make the taste of food better, but they have a health benefits too. Some of them are used thousands of years ago, and modern scientific studies prove that the positive effects of spices and herbs on our health are not just empty stories. Cinnamon The biggest benefits: it regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics. Put ... Read More »

5 simple homemade treatments for shiny and soft hair

Homemade hair masks and treatments

Even the best hairstyle can look really bad if you have lifeless looking hair. On the other hand, a just washed shiny and soft hair that falls free on your shoulders can look attractive and luxurious like you just got out of expensive hairdressing salon. If you want your hair to shine you should not neglect the basic hair care. ... Read More »

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