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The secret of happy marriage

If you are a young couple, well, think before you decide to enter the marital waters, because to maintain a happy and stable marriage is not an easy job, and if you are already married you know how hard keeping a happy marriage is. To help you in this difficult task, these are some tactics used by couples which had many ... Read More »

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food

It is not realistic to expect that your children will eat anything that you give them. For children it is normal to be picky when it comes to eating. Some have an aversion to any new food, and others tend to begin to refuse food which literally adored few months earlier. Fussiness a way in which they express their independence and often it ... Read More »

Generation conflicts – how to cope with them

If in the morning for no obvious reason you charge yourself with negative energy from your children, do not rush to fall into despair. This is a psychological problem. Conflict between generations is driven by the child’s desire to be independent and if they have  reached that age when they consider themselves ready to be independent from you. This situation should ... Read More »

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