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5 Revitalizing homemade facial masks with coffee

5 Revitalizing homemade facial masks with coffee

Coffee is not only an essential part of our morning and afternoon routine, where we enjoy the aroma and taste, but it’s also a great ingredient to use for our skin care. The benefits of coffee has been known for centuries. Coffee is rich in essential oils and minerals and it’s a great exfoliant. It also has anti-inflammatory and skin ... Read More »

5 simple homemade treatments for shiny and soft hair

Homemade hair masks and treatments

Even the best hairstyle can look really bad if you have lifeless looking hair. On the other hand, a just washed shiny and soft hair that falls free on your shoulders can look attractive and luxurious like you just got out of expensive hairdressing salon. If you want your hair to shine you should not neglect the basic hair care. ... Read More »

Best brain foods

Food can be a cure, but it also can be the biggest enemy of the health. The choices you make when you sit at the table affect the way you think, your mood, concentration and energy. Some foods can make you feel happy, focused and concentrated and others can make you sleepy, tired and without energy. Through smart selection of food that ... Read More »

Easy ways to consume less calories

The women who are in perfect shape without effort and who have never faced the problem of being overweight are rare. On the other hand, the majority of women are trying everyday to find a proper diet that would bring a fast and effective weight loss. The entire process of selecting a diet and sticking to it can be very complicated ... Read More »

Social phobia

Most people are nervous and anxious before or during some social events such as job interviews, public speech or meeting, but that is normal. Social phobia is much more than simple embarrassment and butterflies in the stomach and affect the lifestyle of that person. What is social phobia: Social phobia is also called social anxiety disorder. It is much more than simple ... Read More »

Foods that speed up the metabolism

There are certain foods that accelerate the metabolism and burn more calories. If you include these foods in your diet, you can burn more calories if you are in a diet, or if you want to maintain your weight after a diet. Of course, just eating a particular food will not be enough. You need to exercise regularly too. Milk and cereals: Secret ingredients: ... Read More »

How to quit smoking?

There is no one who does not know that smoking is harmful to the health. Some people choose to stay away from this addiction, but often people forget the fact that cigarettes can be deadly, and they continue to enjoy every cigarette. On the other hand, today more and more smokers are trying to quit smoking. Some of them do it due ... Read More »

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