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Pheromones – what are they?

Our ancestors, to get the attention of the person they liked, have used the natural scent of their skin. What are the pheromones – biologically active substance which is produced by endocrine glands or specific animal cells. When an organism starts to spread them, they influence on the behavior of another organism. It is believed that pheromones are perceived by receptors ... Read More »

5 Vitamins For Beautiful and Healthy Skin

5 Vitamins For Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Lack or complete absence of certain vitamins can reflect very badly on your skin. Vitamins participate in the cell metabolism and in many biochemical processes of your body and they’re are crucial for your skin and your overall health. We all know that the best way to get your daily dose of vitamins is through a healthy diet. But sometimes, even when you ... Read More »

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