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Tibetan diet

Tibetan diet

In its essence, the Tibetan diet is dairy-vegetarian. The main feature of this diet is that it excludes all kind of meat and fruit and vegetables are very often consumed. The history of the Tibetan diet dates back to the Middle Ages, when this was a typical diet for Tibetan monks. Tibetan diet includes mainly raw or cooked, sometimes steamed, fruits and ... Read More »

The Fruit Flush Diet

the fruit flush diet

Is it possible to lose weight if you eat fruit every two hours? According to the fruit flush diet it is completely possible and you can lose up to 8 pounds ​​in three days. Important! Consult your doctor before starting any kind of weight loss diet, especially if you have health problems. What is the fruit flush diet: According to the author ... Read More »

Japanese diet – 14 days

Japanese diet 14 days

Unlike North America and Europe, in Japan tiny percentage of the population is overweight or suffers from obesity.  The main reason for this, according to nutritionists, is that the Japanese people mainly consume low-calorie food with less carbohydrates and fats. So on the basis of their diet the Japanese diet that lasts 14 days was created – highly effective, but with specific ... Read More »

The Eat-Clean Diet – Weight Loss with Clean Eating

The Eat-Clean Diet - Weight Loss with Clean Eating

Sounds so easy and convenient: ‘Eat-Clean Diet is diet that allows you to eat more than before, and simultaneously to achieve weight loss in the future – and a healthier lifestyle’, says its author Tosca Reno. ‘Not only you will lose 6 pounds each week, but you’ll notice dramatic changes in your mood and figure’, she said. Eat-Clean Diet encourages ... Read More »

Weight loss and carbohydrates – Best carbs for weight loss

Weight loss and carbohydrates - Best carbs for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, almost every woman is tries to consume less bread or pasta. This is because most people believe that food rich in carbohydrates leads to weight gain. But many experts believe that this is an outdated concept and that the correct carbohydrates they can actually help with weight loss. After numerous studies it has been ... Read More »

Easy Facial Muscle Exercises to Stay Looking Young

Easy facial muscle exercises to stay looking young

We all know how important regular exercise is to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that facial exercises are an alternative that helps anyone over the age of 25 to keep their skin looking young? Your face has muscles, just like any other part of your body so it’s necessary to pay appropriate attention to your face as well. Facial ... Read More »

Calories in alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are made from fermented natural sugars and starch, which converts sugars into alcohol. The intake of calories in alcohol, are commonly called by nutritionists ’empty calories’ – because they have no nutritional value.  On the other hand, four types of agents provide our body calories that can be used to generate energy: fats, carbohydrates, proteins and alcohol. Proteins and ... Read More »

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