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DIY Homemade Chlorella Face Masks – Superfood Skin Care

DIY Homemade Chlorella Face Masks - Superfood Skin Care

Chlorella is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals such as sodium and potassium and also iodine, manganese, selenium and iron. This green algae has powerful anti-age and moisturizing properties. That’s why nowadays, many beauty studios and spas are offering beauty treatments with chlorella. Chlorella is a single-cell green algae that contains astonishingly high amount of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It ... Read More »

12 homemade super moisturizing face masks for dry skin

DIY homemade face masks for dry skin

We all know how annoying the oily skin can be. But the ladies that have dry skin know how how unpleasant and sometimes painful the dry skin can be. So for all the ladies with dry skin, here are some homemade face masks for dry skin that will moisturize your skin and make it incredibly soft and nourished. Homemade nourishing face mask ... Read More »

Natural homemade hair masks for healthy hair

homemade hair masks with banana apple and orange

The hair is like jewelry that every women wears with pride. No mater the color, length,volume or shape, the hair is an indispensable part of female beauty. So, every woman wants her hair to be beautiful and shiny. But in order to achieve this, most women actually damage their hair. Excessive use of hair dryers, straighteners and cosmetic products makes the hair exquisitely beautiful, but in the long run the hair becomes damaged, lifeless and without shine. Besides ... Read More »

DIY homemade facial masks with lemon and honey

DIY homemade facial masks with lemon and honey

People have written a lot of things about the benefits of lemon. It has a rich content of vitamin C which is not only powerful antioxidant and immune booster, it’s also great for your skin, because it has cleaning, refreshing and healing effect. Lemon in combination with honey are also great against acne and blackheads. Get a clean, smooth and soft skin ... Read More »

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