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Why kissing is great for your relationship and health

Why kissing is great for your relationship and health

Besides giving us pleasure and being nice, kissing plays a very important role in a relationship. It is a bridge between love making and other activities in life and kissing is a way to stay intimate and close with your partner.

If you and your partner don’t kiss often, you may lose the closeness with each other and forget how special the moment is when your lips meet.

Therefore, don’t look for excuses that you don’t have the time and that your life is very active, just grab your partner and kiss him. Kiss your partner when he least expects it – when you’re in the kitchen, when you’re stuck in traffic… You’ll be surprised how many situations there are that you can use them to kiss him.

Why kissing is great for your relationship and health

Why kissing is great for your relationship and health

Medical experts agree that kissing is an effective relief for stress, but there are many other reasons why kissing is important. Here’s why kissing is great for your relationship and health:

Kissing is great for your heart

Kisses that last a long time, are good for the heart and cardiovascular system. While kissing, your heartbeat accelerates to 110 beats per minute. That’s why kissing is great training for your heart and cardiovascular health.

Kissing reduces stress

Kisses that last longer than 3 minutes, help against stress. Long kissing causes a number of biochemical reactions, which reduce the stress hormones. The most important thing is that kissing helps to reduce the stress hormones that can have a bad impact on our immune system, brain health and endocrine system.

Kissing burns calories

Sure, it’s not like doing a full workout, but kissing can help you burn few extra calories. It can increase your metabolism and you can burn 2 to 3 calories per minute. It’s not much, but it’s better than just resting where you burn only one calorie per minute.

Kissing helps you breathe faster

When kissing, lungs work faster and you breathe in and breathe out about 60 times over one minute. Under normal circumstances you would have done it 20 times per minute.

Kissing decreases pain

During a long make out session with your partner, your body releases adrenaline which can reduce pain. With kissing your body also releases endorphins, so that combined with adrenaline makes a great combo against pain.

Kissing improves dental health

Some experts believe that kissing is an effective mean to prevent caries. Indeed, kissing stimulates the saliva production that eliminate acids from the teeth. Passionate kissers also are at lower risk of gum disease. But keep in mind that with kissing you and your partner can also swap bacteria and viruses.

Kissing is fun

It’s no secret that kissing is fun and brings us happiness. It also will make the bond with your partner stronger and you’ll feel closer. Many researches also confirm that spouses that are sharing a kiss every day have longer and happier marriages.

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