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What not to do when you meet his parents

1. Don’t give comments how the floor paint don’t match their furniture.

2. Don’t make comments to his mother that her son is unable to change a light bulb.

3. Don’t make a compliment to his mother that her dress is looking very well, because the black color makes her look slim and it is preferred by more chubby ladies.

4. Don’t ‘wonder’ aloud to whom your man take after to be such a beautiful and intelligent.

5. Don’t tell that you don’t like the ring that is a family relic.

6. Don’t drink too many drinks before dinner with his parents and during that dinner so you will start to tell dirty jokes that they can not understand.

7. Don’t tell his mother that you do not eat such food, when the poor woman had spent the whole day to make it.

8. Don’t get drunk at his parent’s house and throw in their bathroom.

9. Do not tell how bad were the parents of your ex-boyfriend.

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