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How to cope with the breakup

Whether you go out with him a few weeks or had a long serious relationship, separation is never easy. However, no mater how much all around you convince you that time will heal the wounds, it’s hard for you to believe. But you must know that you are not alone. Millions of women worldwide pass through the same problems and the pain you feel now indeed will fade away in time.

Here are some tips that will help you to deal with the crisis called separation and to continue with your  head up high.

Cry yourself out. Don’t be ashamed to cry, but not in front of him. Once you stay alone, play loud music and cry strong and loud. Crying does not mean that you are weak person. It will help you remove everything negative in you and you’ll continue to smile and with positive outlook on life.
Spend some time alone. You’ll never going to get over him and to continue your life without him in your thoughts , if you don’t put end on it. Think good about everything you learned from that relationship, for signs that point to the end, and which you ignored. Be confident that you can go on without him.
Find support. Your friends or family should be with you. You will always feel better after a long talk together how he was not for you and laugh at his flaws.
Whatever you do, do not call him. His voice will revive memories. If your relationship ended because of his guilt, he will try to win you back. Remember that the longer you’ll try to strengthen ruined relationship, the more you’ll suffer and you will need a longer period for recovery.
Remove the memories. Everything that reminds you of him, should be removed from your sight. If it is too painful to keep his gifts, sell them and with the money buy yourself a nice shoes. It will increase your confidence and you will not have to carry things that remind you of him.
Use your free time. You may enroll on a course in dancing, or learn a new language. Shape your body and always look irresistible. Use the new free time usefully.
Go out. Separation should not make you to stay closed at home. Instead, leave the sad thoughts at home and go out with a big smile on your face. You don’t know what surprises will come later in life, so do not react as your breakup is the end of the world.

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