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Foods that increase energy levels

Do you want to have energy all the day and to do everything with a smile on your face without irritation and anger? Watch your diet and you will come very close to your goal. Consumption of certain foods can change your metabolism and brain function, and this inevitably affects your mood and amount of energy. Well, here is where ... Read More »

Anti-cellulite diet

Anti-cellulite diet

We all long for a magic pill that will remove the pesky cellulite from our body with no effort and no time. Unfortunately, such pill is non existent and probably won’t be at least for a few years. Instead of waiting for a miracle, you should use the known facts to eliminate or at least reduce the cellulite. One of ... Read More »

10 tricks to lose weight without diet

Use a thin tall glasses: If you use thin tall glasses, rather than small and wide, then you will cut some ‘liquid’ calories. Studies have shown that people are more inclined to fill the glass when it is wider. High glasses will help you to drink about 30% less juice, wine or other beverage. Limit the alcohol intake: Many people ... Read More »

Blueberries may help losing weight

Those on diet should start eating blueberries because according to a new research they can reduce the number of fat cells in the body by up to 75 percent. Blueberries can break the existing fat cells and prevent the formation of new, making them a powerful weapon in the fight against overweight. Blueberries, are already identified as superfood due to ... Read More »

Tibetan diet

Tibetan diet

In its essence, the Tibetan diet is dairy-vegetarian. The main feature of this diet is that it excludes all kind of meat and fruit and vegetables are very often consumed. The history of the Tibetan diet dates back to the Middle Ages, when this was a typical diet for Tibetan monks. Tibetan diet includes mainly raw or cooked, sometimes steamed, fruits and ... Read More »



Constipation is a common occurrence. Most people experience constipation at some point in their lives, but despite that, constipation can bring pain and frustration and few people talk about this problem. Women suffer more often from constipation than men, and also constipation often occurs in older people. Fortunately, in most cases, constipation is temporary and only simple lifestyle changes (mainly dietary) can ... Read More »

The Fruit Flush Diet

the fruit flush diet

Is it possible to lose weight if you eat fruit every two hours? According to the fruit flush diet it is completely possible and you can lose up to 8 pounds ​​in three days. Important! Consult your doctor before starting any kind of weight loss diet, especially if you have health problems. What is the fruit flush diet: According to the author ... Read More »

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