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Pasta is the most popular food in the world

Pasta is declared the most popular food in the world after the publication of a results from a global study by Oxfam.

The pasta is more popular than pizza, rice, meat, and not to mention the vegetables, fruits or seafood worldwide.

The responses came from more than 16,000 people from different countries of the world, including Australia, USA, Brazil, India, Britain and Spain.

The second most favorite food is meat, and a third favorite is rice.

Pasta is popular worldwide, but each country has its preferences about food. Thus, in the U.S. most favorite food is the pizza, the Indian food in India, and in Mexico – the Mexican food. The most interesting choice was made by Australia, where the favorite food is chocolate.

The most popular foods in the world are:

Fish and seafood
Chinese food
Italian food
Mexican food

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