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Why women like bad boys

Why women like bad boys - why women fall for bad guys

Most women have ran on a bad boy at least once in their lifetime, and a good number of them failed to resist his charm. Bad boys are arrogant, selfish, possessive, they don’t worry about anything, they avoid emotional connection, break the rules, humiliate and underestimate people around you… They are just bad. But what’s that thing in them that ... Read More »

6 reasons why you are still single

reasons why you are still single

Although many women constantly receive attention and compliments, and they are aware that they can easily attract men, for various reasons they choose to remain single and not to get into a relationship. So, girls if you are not aware why you’re still single, find out which are the six main reasons why you are still single. You hated the ... Read More »

Who says I love you first?

Saying the words ‘I love you’ is very significant moment in every relationship, even though today those words are often said in vain. Opinion has always prevailed that men hide their feelings, and that women are more emotional and they have the courage to pronounce their love to their partner. According to new research of psychologist Josh Ackerman, 64% of ... Read More »

Men are cause for most fights in the relationship

Disputes are a normal occurrence in every relationship. But when they become a verbal fight, women are the ones who suffer more because they feel more sorrow and pain than men. Scientists have confirmed that women are more upset during arguments and they take arguments more seriosly. The same study found that women have a reason to be bothered, because ... Read More »

How to breakup with him less painfully

Breaking up is never easy. Whether it is initiated by you or the other person, breakup often leaves at least one broken heart. And yet, separation is a better option than staying in a tormented relationship. Sometimes breaking up is necessary. You no longer have feelings for your partner? The relationship collapsed to the point that can not be repaired? You feel that you would be happier with someone else? Then it is time to start thinking how to put an end to the current relationship. There is no magic strategy that will make the breakup easy and simple, but there ... Read More »

10 things every single woman should know

10 things every single woman should know

Until the wold exists, men will attempt to expose the mysteries of the female mind, and the women of the male mind. Many women are forced to discover things the hard way about men, love games and love. Here are 10 things every single woman should know that can help every single lady to avoid some unpleasant love experiences: 1. ... Read More »

5 Good ways to refresh your long-term relationship

5 Good ways to refresh your long-term relationship

When you are in a long-term relationship, you often forget about the world around you. Do you spend every Saturday evening hugging in front of the TV? You don’t remember the last time you two were out together with your friends? Then it’s time for a little change. Refresh your long-term relationship, start to socialize more and have more fun together. ... Read More »

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