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Chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longer

Chewing gum can improve your concentration and increase your alertness. Another research once again confirmed that chewing a gum before committing to a mental task can improve the final results.

Chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longerResearchers say that the participants who chewed gum before the test, showed better results compared with those participants who didn’t. But researchers ‘warn’ that the positive effect lasts only 15-20 minutes after chewing the gum.

80 students were tested for the experiment. Some of them chewed gum for 5 minutes before the test, other chewed during the tests, and others were ‘no chewers’. All volunteers were given cognitive tasks such as repeating random numbers or solving logic puzzles.

The students who chewed gum 5 minutes before the test achieved the best success on the tests. But the effect was reversed in those who were chewing a gum during the test, because as they say, chewing itself does not allow the brain to have a maximum focus on the main task.

Previous studies have shown that adolescents who were chewing gum without sugar during class and while they were doing their homework, had greater success than those who didn’t chew a gum.

Some researchers believe that reduced levels of stress leads to better focus and concentration, which may explain the link between chewing gum and better focus and concentration. This was said in a similar research that was conducted two years ago. So in summary, chewing gum can help you to concentrate for longer.

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  1. it helped a little but i just a little more research before i use it for science fair.

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